The Incredible Uninteresting Game of Shinedown Town

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GOD DAMMIT 10 Points

Get destroyed two times

GOOD JOB! 10 Points

Finished the game with some friends


Get 999 bucks

LONELY WOLF 100 Points

Finished your home all by yourself

THE MAN 100 Points

Get Rank S at the ending

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

EDIT: here is a link to a walkthrough if you are having difficulties


"Hello, welcome to Shinedown Town South District, where everything or is boring or is dying"
Hello people, I wanna show you my first game ever: The Incredible Uninteresting Game of Shinedown Town.
The game tell a story about two brothers who had their home burned down. You, Dylan and Raika are on the control of the older brother. Build the house as fast as you can to achieve the ultimate prize!
And the most important thing at all: I want to hear you :)
Please, comment what you thought about the game. If you liked it or hated, tell me so I can make better games and enhance a better experience for the player on this one.

Don't forget to watch the animations:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mayor of Shinedown Town

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There is something extremely charming about this game. The story itself is pretty cool, and it brings me some nostalgia towards better times.

erickafonso responds:

Thanks for your feedback, man! Hope you had a great experience building your home.

Also, we also have some sick animations about these characters. Go watch it! >:(

i really loved the game, might be my fav. game this month, and not to brag, i got an S rank. the concept of the game was funny tbh, and i loved each and every interactions with the characters, especially valentina's. Good luck on your next games!

erickafonso responds:

Thanks for playing and congratulation for your S, man :)

I hope you enjoy the next games too

I like the game and the sassiness of the game. However the only advantages I got from people was from the blonde girl. Talking to others didn't give me any advantage, but okay. I do mind some major language mistakes. I understand you're really likely not native speaker, but you still could've asked someone to check it for you (or should do it next time).
What I really liked were medals and the story - the game didn't force me to do any decisions I didn't want to make or communicate with other characters. I could've chosen what relationship I want to have with others. It would be nice if each conversation had further consequences - for example when I was mean to the red eyed girl, she would be pissed tomorrow etc.


erickafonso responds:

Rank S?

Wasn't bad. I thought the game dragged when I was working for $10, but then I was working for $5... When I was finally promoted back up to $10, I certainly didn't take it for granted! I was nothing but nice to the boss and I was demoted... twice! The actual building of the house took too long as well. I might be doing something wrong but my max energy seemed to be stuck on 50. What is the mansion for? Is there a way to open it or will it be added at a later date?

erickafonso responds:

First, Thank you for playing, my friend, I hope you had fun!
Some of the characters give some good advices about the personality of the town's people. Your boss doesn't like to be flattered for example. Try to be a dick with her next time, I think she will like you more ;) The game is full of little traps, like this one! hahaha

The mansion is just an easter egg about the main animation serie of The Incredible Uninteresting Saga of Shinedown Town. I think I'll make a game about the mansion, but I need some inspiration.

Thanks for your review, I really appreciated it

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3.01 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2017
10:17 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating