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Hi people!

This is my first serious work with animation, hope you all like!

These characters were all created by myself, since the drawing till the personalities. The serie's full name is The Incredible Uninteresting Saga of Shinedown Town

There were so much brazilian slangs on there, so it was very difficult to translate.

My next pace is upload an english version

Any suggestion, problems or anything, please! Comment :)

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Well, the only thing that bothers are the graphics, by which I mean that the characters could be drawn better. But other than that, nice work :D

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Very good! Great animations and syncing. And nice job translating some of the slangs! That's always tough to do!

Como americano bilingue, posso até te ajudar com partes do inglês se quiser ;D Mas já to vendo que em principio tu ta conseguindo. Bom trabalho!

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erickafonso responds:

Brigado mesmo cara! Se tiver disponibilidade, eu aceito a ajuda :) . A ideia principal é fazer a série em português, mas ando pensando seriamente em dublar em inglês também, e algumas gírias são bem complicadas de traduzir hahaha

Animation is good but the dialogue threw me off. Some of the grammar is terribly awkward.

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erickafonso responds:

Thanks for the review dude! The grammar is another very important part of the animation for sure! And i will work on that on the next animation.

I like the anime look especiall with this. Yet somehow I can't help but feel an ms paint sense coming on. It couldn't be could it?

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Mar 17, 2015
10:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Original