Episode 3 - When I grow up

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"Dear diary,

Today was a good day! Lately, every day has been good. I lie down to sleep at night and can not wait to go to school in the morning. I never thought it was so nice to have friends.

At the beginning of the week, Chris made a dinner for everyone: rice, beans, potato puree and chicken pancake. Awesome! JosiglĂȘnio repeated some five hundred thousand times and still took a kettle full of food home.

Bianca's father brought some stinking wine and he and Chris's boss got drunk. The old man looks like a bottomless bag, but Naggylina shit the hay at the start. What a shame, dude! She vomited a waterfall in the living room, I had never seen something like that before! At that moment, everyone chicken outed and left it to me to give a bath to Miss sympathy. Disgusting! I Just got traumatized forever with an orange Atlantic forest on my mind... Chris is a saint, he still let her sleep on his house. If it were me, I'd wrap her in a garbage bag and throw it away.

But the coolest thing of all was that mister Bread waited for me and gave me a ride home and to Josiglenio to the hell and gone where he lives. Bianca is really cool but sometimes it seems like she will never shut up.

I had a fucking homework that at first I did not know how to do, but then I wrote some shit and the teacher even liked it! She said I could be a writer when I grow up... Hahaha! Dylan will have to retake his text, what a jackass! The retarded really wrote he wanted to be a leg! He takes nothing seriously and it annoys me sometimes. God damn! I'm going to be so mad if he fails the grade and leave me alone! I'm already seeing he trying to copy off me at the tests hahaha! I'm going to study really hard and be smart enough for him copy off me and not Bianca."

Episode 1: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654860

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My favorite parts were when the ants stole his wallet and when one of the guys jumped out of the window.

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i like your art style dude

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Nov 8, 2016
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