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Episode 8 - Oh, A.I.

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As a man named Creed attempts to assassinate his father, he is introduced to the problematic A.I., Child.


Andrew Hindle
-@AndrewOmega360 on Twitter

PSColdFireMain (Philip Song)

Looney (Erik Nielson)

Twisted4000 (Ben Carswell)


".The Wedding." - Hopps

"I Can Has Jazz?" - TheLizardofOdd

"The Mystery .Around" - Fuzzzydice

"Me Log1cal" - FuzzzyDice

Scribblenauts Unlimited music - "Time Machine"

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Wacky, but enjoyable.

you have outdone yourself bro! this one is a great one bro! 5 stars to you bro!

PS: do you have a list of the sound effects you used for this? (bro)

I have to say, your quality of work is really amazing. Regardless of the fact that, yeah, they're stick figures, I could genuinely imagine seeing something like this on national TV; the way the animation eases and flows, all of the attention put into the characters' gestures they make and how they match up with what the say, the way the camera assists in telling the story, there's just so much to look at and you can watch it multiple times and catch something new each viewing. Other than the animation itself, the audio is stellar and the voice acting goes great with all of that well-written dialogue. But on top of it all, I love the WTF/original sense of humor you have in these, and the action scenes are like those really well-made stick animations from back in the day. I'm glad to be a part of these in at least some way and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Keep it up, sir! :)

THAT WAS GOOOOOOD! Like holy sht this is fresh quality.
The story is solid, the animation is dope, and the voice acting and voice effects GOD DAMN!!!!

10 out of 10 Solid.

Some of the dialogue was funny.

The animation was ok.

The characters had no mouths or any lipsync animation of any kind.
The characters aren't detailed (they resemble stick figures).
The backgrounds are really basic.
The story and plot was all over the place.

HadenDA responds:

I won't pretend like I don't understand the small rating. I do, and I respect your opinion. Though, I found the comment "They resemble stick figures" funny, mostly because they are. The show is called Stick Fidijig (fidijig being an intentionally dumb sounding made up word), a show about stick figures. Now, if you watch the first episode, you can tell I had no plan on making this an actual series with a plot. That's the "problem" with my mind. I can't just make fun random nonsense for the sake of it. I've pretty much turned this use of stick figure designs into a stylistic choice (bit of a stretch, I know). This is the 8th episode of the series and, in my opinion, the best one yet. Thanks for the review.