Let's Keep Trying

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We keep trying, trying and trying. No one understands how difficult it is to face failing lots of times. No one, except ourselves.
Sometimes it's hard to stand up when everything and everyone seems to be against you. But we endure it and... We keep trying.

Thanks for playing!
All the best!

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Wow, I expected this to be an art-game with a simple message from the summary but I didn't expect it to be so relatable. It is so true, being a person who is going a very generic route in life (go to school, go to college, get a job) it makes me wonder if I should be doing something else. A few times before my parents (and a lot of people in general) said things like "Don't do that, you will end up on the street" and it really got to me. I only recently started to refute that argument, thinking that "people survive on the street all the time, it is not some kind of horrible fate you must avoid". And now that I think about it I am prone to ruling out options because they are too hard, I told myself I would never go to medical/law school because they are too long and hard and "I can't handle that".

I think a lot of people have that problem, not taking much time to consider different options or careers, automatically ruling out things because it sounds boring or too hard or something superficial.

About the game: - I don't know if it can be changed but in the sentence "We learn from failure, not sucess" success is spelled wrong.

- Also a minor thing was that the music abruptly stops and starts, or it skips in the track, when it cuts to the credits (screen with the moon).

- And another part that made me think, the fact that when you choose the easy and safe path you cannot go back. You cannot choose again. I thought the message of that was metaphorical. Not that you literally cannot take a different path any more (I guess in some cases you age to the point where something is not possible any more, but let's just say age doesn't matter for now) but that you are too stuck in your ways to go back. You are already convinced that easy and safe is the way to go, you are not going to be convinced otherwise anymore. So you can't go back.

I kind of dislike that though. I don't like how the game sends the message that once you choose that path, or choose to "give up" as some would call it, you cannot go on the hard and risky path anymore. Of course that is true in some people's lives but it is not a fact.

Although, after you get in the Generic Queue, it sends you back to the menu and the crossroads and you choose again. So if I interpret that as part of the message, that you can choose again after picking easy and safe, then there is no problem for me. Although, maybe I am too idealistic.

- I like how you can change from "hard and risky" to "easy and safe" at any time ("give up") too. It's accurate. Though the interpretation I prefer is that after you pick "easy and safe" you eventually have to choose again. So technically you can also change from "easy and safe" to "hard and risky".

- Also the way I interpreted the bridges between the platforms showing up as you fail more, was that as you fail you learn and figure out how to overcome the obstacles. And sometimes you have no choice but to fail so you can learn. Although I might just be too eager to make everything in this game make sense because I really loved the message.

Beautiful game about believing in yourself.

RhogerSato responds:

:) :) :)

The hard way...the last 12 years. I can't imagine how many times I've been told these words, how many time's I've heard these things, said to me....by myself. Thank you for the adventure.

RhogerSato responds:

I don't know what you have gone through, but I'm sure you'll get to what you aim to.
Enduring the obstacles might affect our souls, but surely makes us stronger.
All the best, you sure deserve it! ;]

Amazing, if only the world noticed you!

Beautiful game, amazing music,outstanding message. Thank You Rhoger.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2017
12:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other