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beekeeperkiller 5 Points

kill 50 beekeepers

carrierkiller 5 Points

kill 25 carriers

dasherkiller 5 Points

kill 50 dashers

gliderkiller 5 Points

kill 50 gliders

pilotfirstclass 5 Points

Score 5000 points in survival

beekeeperdestroyer 10 Points

kill 500 beekeepers

dasherdestroyer 10 Points

kill 500 dashers

gliderdestroyer 10 Points

kill 500 gliders

pilotsecondclass 10 Points

Score 20000 points in survival

carrierdestroyer 25 Points

kill 200 carriers

dashermaster 25 Points

kill 2000 dashers

glidermaster 25 Points

kill 2000 gliders

beekeepermaster 50 Points

kill 2000 beekeepers

carriermaster 100 Points

kill 500 carriers

pilotthirdclass 100 Points

Score 50000 points in survival

saviour 100 Points

Complete the 10 levels in the Campaign

Author Comments

MissileStorm is fast paced shooter designed to challenge you. There is a survival mode for those who just want to blow stuff up, and a 10 level 90's style campaign for people who like progression and leveling ship stats etc. Campaign ship stats do not affect the survival ship stats. Campaign lasts about an hour.

Level types: Defense, Wave Survival, Time survival and Boss fights.

Movement: ASWD/Arrows
MiniGun: Left mouse click
Missiles: Right mouse click/spacebar

Levels 1-2 are very easy.
Levels 3-4 are moderately hard.
Levels 5-10 are quite hard.

Game stuck on loading screen for more than ten seconds? try reload the page, a very rare issue.

I have worked hard to get as many bots on the screen as possible and still maintain 60fps. for the best experience I suggest you use Chrome. I hope you enjoy the game. Any feedback is welcome as I hope to make more games in the future, so any constructive criticism is very welcome.

Progamming/Design: Shane Walsh aka Funkmachine
Audio + Sound effects: Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org


Okay, I really enjoyed this shooter. It has 10 campaign levels, a final boss, a survival mode and even a kill count to help those who are trying to get the medals. There's not much that can be suggested to add or change. Maybe a clearer layout, since it wasn't until the 4th time playing the 3rd level that I noticed there are upgrades (I was already planning to suggest to add upgrades, I would have looked like a fool lol).
Also the final boss was short and intense (I'm not 100% sure but I think I'd have enjoyed more a longer battle).
All that said, great game.

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Funkmachine responds:

Hi Optimos
Thanks for the review, I really needed to get some positive feedback like this. I know the game is not perfect and wont suit everyone(even though these reviews are also important because I need to know why some people didnt like it also), but its nice to hear that you and the few reviews before yours actually enjoyed the multidirectional dodge and shoot gameplay. I have many ideas for missilestorm2 that I hope will address a lot the issues in the game(I know the UI is a problem I hate making UI's :D ). And I hope for far more complex boss fights in the future, like them having weak armor spots etc. If you have any ideas on gameplay you would like to see in the next one, feel free to PM me. Thanks again for the review.

THIS is what im looking for in a shooter, a high survival space battle to the death, the highscores always make it better.

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Nice game!

My only suggestion would be to make pickups more visible because they're hard to see when you have 50 enemies on the screen ;)

Other than that, it's really cool and fun to play! Nice job! :D

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I liked flying around and dodging bullets and blowing stuff up, missions that centered around that were great. Missions that involved mindless or suicidal or stationary NPCs who didn't really participate as much as serve as plot relevant props? Less fun, but I did like the mission where I had to keep the base safe simply for the challenge of running around from point to point trying to keep each new wave trying to kill ME instead of my allies. Also, I didn't really approve of being told to save everyone and even keeping every tower or every ship alive while only earning the same "Oh no everyone is dead" plot text.

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It's a solid start for a game, and could be pretty good with some polish.

I'd recommend making the destruction animations smoother. The 'slow break apart then immediately disappear' is something every novice animator does, but it never really works out well. If you're set on not just having an explosion or group of explosion effects, do it procedurally - write a script that takes a group of 'part' sprites and has them move outwards from their origin point as they fade out. It'll look much smoother. You can even keep up performance by pre - generating a few animations for each enemy and just using them the same way you'd use spritesheets.

The missile effects should similarly be changed. I know you want to use hard animation and spritesheets, but it's hard as hell to get 8 directional missile guidance to feel 'right'. Just rotate an image programatically and use full 360 degree motion.

The final boss could be more complex. Right now, it's just pure luck. Either you get the right combination of powerups to survive as you rapidly press spacebar and try to move around the impenetrable cloud of ships to get a clear shot, or you just die. An ending after you kill it would be a big improvement as well. On a related note, you should be able to continue firing missiles by holding down the spacebar.

The upgrades aren't very exciting. I've never needed extra missile space - I either use them as soon as I get them(in a mission with 'factory ships') or not at all. That one could probably be changed to missile damage, missile guidance, number of missiles fired, etc. Similarly, the shield cap isn't really something that ever got in my way - I don't know why I'd waste points on raising it. Bullet damage was completely necessary, armor upgrades were helpful but a bit less noticeable, and the other two categories could just be ignored.

Also, if you want to add carriers to survival as you mentioned to the other dude, you could just have them retreat after X number of spawned ships.

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Funkmachine responds:

Thanks for the feedback, this is great stuff. I plan to address boss fights for the next game by making them more about shooting the right spot and less about chance. upgrades will be dropped in place of different ship parts. I like the idea of pregenerated death sprites idea as well, I am a very novice animator, I will look into it. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

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Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2017
5:36 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place June 17, 2017