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Reviews for "MissileStorm"

THIS is what im looking for in a shooter, a high survival space battle to the death, the highscores always make it better.

Nice game!

My only suggestion would be to make pickups more visible because they're hard to see when you have 50 enemies on the screen ;)

Other than that, it's really cool and fun to play! Nice job! :D

Okay, I really enjoyed this shooter. It has 10 campaign levels, a final boss, a survival mode and even a kill count to help those who are trying to get the medals. There's not much that can be suggested to add or change. Maybe a clearer layout, since it wasn't until the 4th time playing the 3rd level that I noticed there are upgrades (I was already planning to suggest to add upgrades, I would have looked like a fool lol).
Also the final boss was short and intense (I'm not 100% sure but I think I'd have enjoyed more a longer battle).
All that said, great game.

Funkmachine responds:

Hi Optimos
Thanks for the review, I really needed to get some positive feedback like this. I know the game is not perfect and wont suit everyone(even though these reviews are also important because I need to know why some people didnt like it also), but its nice to hear that you and the few reviews before yours actually enjoyed the multidirectional dodge and shoot gameplay. I have many ideas for missilestorm2 that I hope will address a lot the issues in the game(I know the UI is a problem I hate making UI's :D ). And I hope for far more complex boss fights in the future, like them having weak armor spots etc. If you have any ideas on gameplay you would like to see in the next one, feel free to PM me. Thanks again for the review.

I liked flying around and dodging bullets and blowing stuff up, missions that centered around that were great. Missions that involved mindless or suicidal or stationary NPCs who didn't really participate as much as serve as plot relevant props? Less fun, but I did like the mission where I had to keep the base safe simply for the challenge of running around from point to point trying to keep each new wave trying to kill ME instead of my allies. Also, I didn't really approve of being told to save everyone and even keeping every tower or every ship alive while only earning the same "Oh no everyone is dead" plot text.

movements are pretty slow it got boring for me after I scored 20,000 and could not continue