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The OMNIS© Powerglove

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OMNIS© Entertainment is proud to present our newest product, fresh from the bio-vats and covered in stupendous glory, its the OMNIS© POWERGLOVE! Explore the inner mechanisms of this marvelous life-changing device in our informative video! Hosted by everyone's favorite talking robot dog, Scrappo!

Check out the latest OMNIS product, the OMNIS Friending Machine here! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692530

Directed and Animated by Wylder Tomlinson
CG backgrounds by Theresa Latzko
Music by Jacob Sluka
Ben Reicher as the voice of Scrappo
Wylder Tomlinson as the voice of Lame Guy

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Oh man I really enjoyed the possibilities tied to the humor and fun facts; it's a beautiful, radical and more intense way of giving entertainment, knowledge, plus the awkward feeling of something that I must do right now about that glove, that company and my life :p really enjoyable <3

Didn't think I'd get an easy-to-understand lesson in quantum computing when I opened this up. :) Entertaining trip past the threshold of modern day technical know-how into the powerful omniverse that waits beyond! Good stuff.


Coolibert stuff!
It was pretty entertianing to follow the OMNIS projects, and how the Lame Guy reacted to all of the bizarre features of the POWERGLOVE.
Who knows? it may be actually worth the pain!
I'll be checking some more goodies!

Scrappo responds:

You can check out the latest OMNIS Product, the OMNIS Friending Machine now! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692530

This is extremely weird in an intriguing way. The concept for the OMNIS POWERGLOVE is reminiscent of an Elon Muskian creation, sort of like Neuralink... I'm not sure if you intended any deeper meaning behind the animation but it's pretty easy for a tech-forward viewer to see some subtextual implications. It's a great commentary on technological advancement and the normalization of monitoring software, etc. along with a backdrop of hyper commercialization. And the animation, again, is just so weird and trippy. It all comes together pretty well. This was good!

Scrappo responds:

Big fan of everything Elon Musk is doing, we hope to work with him someday soon! We are developing a more direct neural interface, similar to the neuralink, but with VR so stay tuned for updates on that.

And yes, I'm glad you are seeing and reacting to those elements, you see OMNIS sprouted as an idea to create a company of the future, similar to apple/google/disney, founded on the principle of profits, entertainment, and technological advancement. A version of what a capitalism fueled singularity could become.

Also, check out our latest product, the Friending Machine! More commentary on technological advancement and the moral and ethical implications of smushing a highly intelligent mind into an vending machine! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692530

That was legit a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of things that tend to end up on the front page. It's really nice to see a cartoon that isn't completely fucking obnoxious for once, even better when the author actually appears to care about being entertaining, rather than soapboxing, lazily sputtering gibberish for a cheap laugh or edgelording as hard as possible.

It's great to see dark humor that isn't pushing for the greatest logical grimderp extreme and shows a bit of personality.

The only drawbacks I can remark on are the technical ones. The animation is storyboard tier & the lip syncing doesn't match the dialog half the time. The other half, the character's mouths don't move at all. It looks like way too much effort was centered on the filter effects & not on what really matters in an animation, which is the animation itself. The specific way the lip syncing is delivered really reminds me of the days when I used MS Paint because I didn't own a copy of Flash, how it's just an alternation of two frames; one with the mouth open, the other with the mouth shut.

I'll have to admit that it's not at all surprising that something this authentic came from an outside presence and not from anybody who has their roots in Newgrounds nomenclature or even the internet at large. If the otherwise were true, the people you credited in the description would be listed as authors with their own NG accounts, or at the very least the description would've been littered with social media links.

The pale color palette, the art style & the psychotic robot dog mascot are very reminiscent of early Flash movies & 90's cartoons. If I had to pick from each category, I'd say it's like Neurotically Yours blended up with Sam & Max.

Scrappo responds:

Hey Psychopath, thanks for your response! Your languemic systemic variables have been noted for future reference. We are inexplicably happy that you didn't find us "fucking obnoxious". It's true, we do care about entertainment. Entertainment to subvert the masses to bend to our will, teehee.

Tis true indeed that from Newgrounds venture forth not did we! I did post one film on here, ages ago, on a different account named after a villain from The Great Morano comics. It was about a cat, that fires lazers from its face.

But alas I'm rambling, let me address some of the animation notes. I honestly view this more as a detailed animatic, or something more akin to Neely comics where the focus is much more on the story and characters than the fluid animation. Plus everything looks shiny so you can almost look past it. Well at least some of us can, you psychopath! Boy is it fun calling you that.

You see the reason the animation is so incredibly limited, is because the truth is I made this on a 3 day sleepless binge as an assignment for a science class, and I also ended up using it as my final animated film for the year. Sometimes I do wish to go back and edit the movie, add more animation, but I have far too many current things to do to George Lucas myself.

I am definitely inspired by early Flash movies and 90's cartoons, so that would make sense. I'd say for this short in particular I was mostly inspired by Mickey Mouse himself, and perhaps some simpsons and invader zim.

Thanks for commenting on the film, we're really glad you liked it and it makes me especially happy to see people actually thinking critically about the work. Thanks!

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2017
2:28 PM EDT