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Reviews for "The OMNISĀ© Powerglove"

Like the scrappo character! writings is good; and the glove design is pretty cool, NICE WRK!

How much of that speel on quantum computing was actual information? I feel like I learned something.

Scrappo responds:

It's entirely accurate! We always do our research here at OMNIS, especially when our tech is interfacing directly with the nervous system! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computing

*deep technical explanation about qubits*

"I don't get it"

*even more technical explanation*

"aah, okay!"

Coolibert stuff!
It was pretty entertianing to follow the OMNIS projects, and how the Lame Guy reacted to all of the bizarre features of the POWERGLOVE.
Who knows? it may be actually worth the pain!
I'll be checking some more goodies!

Scrappo responds:

You can check out the latest OMNIS Product, the OMNIS Friending Machine now! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692530

Oh man I really enjoyed the possibilities tied to the humor and fun facts; it's a beautiful, radical and more intense way of giving entertainment, knowledge, plus the awkward feeling of something that I must do right now about that glove, that company and my life :p really enjoyable <3