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Frieza's Wish (Episode 1)

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Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

Mostly story build.
Wow folks I have to admit this is a big one and I’ve spent so much time working hard with the team and I’m so grateful for them helping me create this project.
If it wasn’t for them this Episode would not have happen.

This project is fan made for fans. Inspired and base around Frieza’s Resurrection movie. Of a small concept I had in mind that grew way bigger than I had plan. Thanks for the team members who help bring this project to life. Thank You Guys So Much!

Art Work and Sprite is Copyrighted by Their Respectful owners and sprite website sources and Google search. Mugen Files.

Yes! It’s finally here! Frieza’s Wish Episode 1
After Frieza gets a life lesson about himself, he’s able to grant one wish to challenge Goku for a rematch.

With the help of the other Z fighters, Goku, Vegeta and the others prepares for an epic battle like no other. Not only must they face off Frieza, but as well as the guardians of the Dragon Balls.

Awaken from years of slumber, the guardians have gathered all 21 Dragon Balls to wish Frieza back to life.
More powerful than ever will our heroes be able to defeat Frieza? And what of the Hunters?! Will the rest of the Z fighter be able to take them?

So without further delays I like to present to you Frieza’s Wish Episode 1

Characters are from the Dragon Ball Z series.
Art works are copyrighted by their respectful owners.
This sprite animation is fan made for fans.

Team Members:
DragonBallSF - (Gotenks Boss Scene)
Diochi - (Piccalo Scene)
Joedragonn- (Krillin and Android 18 Scene)
ReaperSound - Gohan and Gotenks Scene
Blazejecar – (Frieza vs Broly Scene) - Done
Drterrydactyl – (Gohan, Piccolo, 18, Krillin vs Ultra Hunter Scene)
MysticSkillz - Episode 1

Voice Actors -
Stephenjpena as Elder and Surpeme Kia - Goku
Austinjaycook as Master Roshi – Krillin – Frieza – Narrator
FussBox as – Mr.Satan
Gianni as Vegeta - Adult Gohan
Markafoi – Future Trunks – Beerus – Yamcha – Captain Ginyu – King Kia
Sailorsilverstar as Andriod 18 - Hunters 4.
Rollu as Hunter 3.
Lesismoar as Chi-Chi - Bulma - Videl - Chiaotzu - Goten - Young Trunks - Gotenks.
Shock-dingo as Piccolo.
Saminat as Mr Popo - Kami - Cell.
Supahninja as God Dragon - Broly.
Retroarcademonkey as Raditz - Tien.
Espsiongold2 as Whis – Buu - Nappa
HipnikDragomir as King Yeema
RealFaction as – Babidi.
Cubixfails as Ultra Hunter
MysticSkillz as King Cold

Music Artist:
Athanatos - Deshiel - AliceMako - Dem0lecule

Sprite are from Google Search and Mugen Sites.
Music by Dragon Ball Z Game and Series.

Until Then

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Wow I like this movie, some of the voice actors are very spot-on. Heck I couldn't tell the difference between the original and the ones here. Keep up the great work as always and will see you next episodes

dang this movie is good even the pixel art dude its looking fire

So, I have to be a little harsh here. I feel with the scope of how much help you had, you could have managed to get someone to polish the English a bit. Did you only get non-English speaking people as voice actors? It doesn't look like it. Did your English speakers not bother to point out that the sentences didn't actually make sense?
The next problem you have is that the voice acting sounded a bit forced. Some of them were fine as far as the voice went, but it didn't sound natural: It sounded like someone was reading from a cue card, rather than someone who was involved in a conversation. There were uncomfortable pauses between sentences that should have flowed naturally.
Finally, the characters aren't acting the way they should. You should really take the time to understand your medium before you make something like this. Your characters simply don't ACT like the characters they're supposed to represent. The first example of this is within the first minute of the video. Cell acts like he's Frieza's best friend and is babying him and trying to make him feel better. You know those two hate each other, right?
This would be annoying, but acceptable on a small project. For the massive scale of what you've got here, it's completely unacceptable. I'm pretty sure that if you'd asked, someone would have read your script and polished out the grammar for you. I do that sort of thing for free, and most people on the site are far more charitable than me (Especially amongst the people who regularly follow the forums). What's worse, you have English speaking voice actors! Did none of them point out how wrong their lines were!? I really hope you do better in the future.

Very big

So you are right about this one being big it's huge and you bring alot of people into this to really put the work in the graphics we're pretty good and the animations we're brilliant as for the story I really like how you played it out and made it work with all the elements as for some form of improvment maybe some extra fancy effects in the more in depth scenes

Some more fancy effects in the more intense scenes but honestly it's fine as is



Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2017
1:06 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 12, 2017