Reviews for "Frieza's Wish (Episode 1)"

Frezia"s wish is action packed and gives you everything
you would expect from an awesome Dragonball universe
movie. Great voice acting, the characters sound just like
they do in the shows and movies. Nice graphics that give the
movie an older video game feel to it, but to me the the chat boxes
seem unnecessary because of the great voice acting. I also
really like how Frezia showcases his power.

This was amazing! It was a pleasure to get to help with this.

I was amazed by this! This has the biggest voice cast of any flash I've ever seen! In terms of flashes that use this new format, this has to be the longest! I simply had to watch all of it! I think the longest overall is "Super Mario Bros. Z Ep 7" which is 41 minutes long. I think you can break that record!

Please make this series as awesome as you can. This was just an episode? This could have been a whole movie! I've been watching "Dragonball Super" so this is quite relevant to me. I loved Onslaught appearing at the end too.

Looks like pretty massive work getting all this together! Seems like when it's all done it'll be like a full-length movie... at least. Both voicing and animation's great, as is the intrigue, aside from a few grammatical err's (they have return) in the subtitles it's pretty much perfect - and considering it's DBZ even that seems somehow suitable here. It's like how it was when I watched the original series. :) All of it. I'll stay tuned for episode 2! Great effort.


... the English is really bad. ;(