Reviews for "Frieza's Wish (Episode 1)"

This was a good episode! You even had to "NEXT TIME" at the end to. The fight scenes were cool and the battle between frieza and broly was awesome.
The voice actors could improve on their skills tho and frieza yelling out "FUCK" really caught me off guard.

But I enjoyed it overall! Good job

It's not that good.

Sorry I fell asleep near the beginning of this. Poorly written characters of supposedly bad, mean, arrogant, selfish guys are kowtowing to each other throughout the whole eternity of death ! How well-behaved the planet destructing tyrants are ! I didn't remember from the manga.

No plot either. I think the best thing here would be the sound quality.

Nicely done!

Fantastic fan piece, really liking the story setup here.

My only complaints are the spelling is off at times and the quality of the voice acting is a bit all over the place: some too close, some have a bit of static in the background, some sound a bit too soft.

Overall, really worth the watch and can't wait for episode 2!

The animation is nice, but the voice acting could some work.