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Batman VS Joker VS Bill

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Batman VS Joker VS Bill

Batman takes on the Joker's henchmen. But nothing could have prepared Batman for the likes of Bill.

Voice of Bill: Brewstew Films

YouTube: www.youtube.com/mustachewaxchannel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mustache__Wax

Written/Animated/Voiced by Danny Musch

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Pretty impressive laugh. XD And yes indeed... you found his weak point! I'm surprised his mouth hasn't been exploited more before... was expecting some kind of showdown with the Joker at the end though. It kinda faded away quickly there...


Eating Lead Batman's one weakness curse you Bill!

I saw the punchline coming a mile away. Literally the first 10 seconds. Still... pretty good. 3 1.2 stars. I see potential...

That was pretty good

The voice acting and animation were great. But I could see the punchline from a mile away, and it wasn't terribly funny. Nix jokes that have to do with how long something is, like the Joker's laugh, the overly complicated explanation of how Bill killed Batman.