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Madness Agmonation

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Music by Djjaner
Graphics blood by Djjaner
Effect of blood by liuzirui1122
Weapons by JohnyPixel

Special thanks :

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Ooooookay... PUTTING the character design aside... (assuming its a fad of some kind trying to copy the most honored of all holidays... "Pico Day") Combat is... L ...limited? Yes! Limited...

A. Draw better characters!
Yeah, these weird clock day things are just lazy animation... Its not even funny anymore with that robot paperclip voice...

B.)Make smarter henchmen!!
Henchman CANNOT be that stupid! EVERYONE gave the hero time to act... Even years almost! Jeez... My Old and bed ridden blind deaf dog reacted faster. Making them that stupid is just That's... Thats like giving the audience the fucking finger Mate!

Put your shoes in the henchman #1 on the left at 00:12 seconds... He saw an enemy, AND HAD A SHOT the enemy EVEN HIT THE FUCKING GROUND... from PERFECT COVER!!!
From 0:12 to 0:18...

C.) Make your character realistically vulnerable!
Also... I didn't know you could survive a headshot to the face with a 12 gauge shot gun designed to turn such spoken of face into hamburger meat...
(Yeah at 0:25. That's where the vid should have ended! The rest is his D.M.T. *In Shock Death dream. )

D.) Give characters their own personality!!
IT DOES NOT I repeat... doesn't have to be longer than a resume for a job... It will help you develop the character more and involves the audience now. This can come from a blank extra in the background or your main character! It helps determine intent in the character, like FOR

EXAMPLE! I think the main char you posted here, was probably serious... But kind of a jest while he did it... The way he did things. etc...

E.) Give them purpose!
The fight at 0:33 Wtf?! did you start the fight with nothing but knives then changed the weapon skins to guns later? Are they all drunk? Why do they all stop at the beginning to give the hero time to act? Is that the joke?

Why must we fight?!

F.) Proper introduction's
Speaking of... One thing is their presentation... The characters (all of em) might as well have a narrating introduction with a flashing bass drum that they punch through going " Whats up Doc?" Jesus!
Everyone stops for a split sec like coming out of a load screen! wtf?!

Look at 0:12 " Both dudes were like " Oh an enemy?! leme just... Take... Take... some... um... some time... and um... M'kay move... over... here... There-THERE!! Now I feel better about movi-*dead* " JUST SHOOT FROM THE FUCKING CORNER ITS YOUR ONLY COVER!! GOD!

I bet he thought he could hit his pressure points...

What am I talking about? lol Look up-



Your animation isn't bad, but I see no plot, the fignts don't get me excited cause it feels like im watching someone cut grass... again... like before...

Maybe an actual intro wouldn't be bad... like at 0:10 as the guy lands on the floor, he topples around, cam freezes and his name and quick bio pops up... Camera then returns to normal speed, and he lands on someones neck or something... Have his name pop up in some weird banners for a sec in mid air!

If we cant relate to the main character, he will be indistinguishable from the rest o the background folk, and you could lose your
and you will lose your audience. A.K.A. You are doing good, just... don't stop here... please...