Reviews for "Madness Agmonation"

That Grunt with that SMG or Assault Rifle at the very beginning was a dumbass. He had the perfect chance to shoot Agmon while he was on the ground fighting the other guy, but he just team bated. What a shame.

Try animating a video with only the elite enemies like the Soldat, Riot agent, GOL3M MK1 and 2, Sleepwalkers(giants too), and the mag agents. That would be epic.


Some pretty good stuff here. But I was concerned about the shotgun the first elite enemy uses.

Normally, the reasons the main character doesn't get hit by gunfire are:
- The enemy misses the shot.
- The main character dodges the shot with his high agility (or TAC-bar, if you like the Project Nexus universe)

But here, that shotgun had such an AWFUL spread, it can't kill anything, even when aiming directly at someone. Why would anyone want to use such a gun? xD

Animation was decent,had its merits,good and bad ones.
I'm reviewing this while It's under judgement,so I say: SAVE.
Keep the work up,can't wait to see more.

Happieh Bee-day Agmon! XD