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Featuring voices by Daniel Dockery, Blakinola, and RicePirate Mick.

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The main character really had it bad. His taco was broken.

Stuff list
1. Gold dragons are of good alignment. I think it was Lawful Good.

2. That is actually a really good idea for sacking a dragon's hoard. I should use it someday. Only in a less cheesy way.

3. A gold dragon's breath weapon is actually a ring of fire with debilitating gas. Really. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallic_dragon#Gold_dragon

4. The big knight dude is far too agile for wearing that armor.

5. Does encumbrance even exist here?

6. Those adventurers acted in a very uncharacteristic way. Giving out gold? What sort of insanity has struck them?

7. The food. Don't get me started on the food.

8. The innkeeper was probably bluffing about the prices, to deter them from buying such outlandish meals, due to the fact that he could not make such meals... and I'm writing this as I go along, so I just disproved myself there.

9. It would make more sense to work WITH this Economancer. If he is a master of Economancy, which would be the art of controlling the economy with magic, then he could easily cast "Lower market rates" and be done with it.

10. The economy problem they caused, all too true of what would happen if high fantasy had any logic.

11. No. Don't get a wizard. They suck. And use quadratic levelling. Low level: Makes pretty fireworks. Mid level: Oh, look, the king is dead. High level: So, the rest of the party is dead. Bummer. Now there is nobody to write about my god-slaying.

12. The math wizard, Yueller (I hope I'm spelling it right), brings a very solid point. I don't even need to expand on it.

13. Grand artifacts are what separate low levels and NPCs from Humanoid Plot Points and War Gods (high level players)

14. I'm quite surprised that isn't the first conclusion PCs have when coming across a magic barrier. Hell, I already see the evil party that specializes in digging and stuff, so they can tunnel under anything.

15. That dungeoneering montage is probably a reference to something I need to see/play. Nonetheless, it was the truth of getting lost in a high level dungeon.

16. Wouldn't it be under the Carbon Golem entry? Wait, you guys don't reference the periodic table of elements for golems?

17. The economancer was fairly anti-climactic.

18. In PC speak, justice and tranquility means they kill a king, take their kingdom, and conquer the world.

19. In which case, the trap was a force of freedom.

20. An 8-ball is a perfectly respectable deity. Can you imagine how many people it controls with the subtle suggestion of yes and no questions?

21. That's weird. An oracle/plot-narrator character that's straightforward for once? Ludicrous.

22. No artifact means the DM doesn't have to go insane today.

All in all, 4.5 out of 5. The animation could use some work.

I FUCKING LOVED THIS, good humor and imagintion

Great story and very funny. Animationtrion is not great, but it's ok, the story and comedy make up for it.

Love the characters, the nerdy anticlimactic humour and the like!

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4.47 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2016
10:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original