It's all a matter of finding a vulnerable spot in its microscopic geometry!

Hahaha I am enjoying this too much

Good job! You forgot about the inflation problem when they bought those tacos though.

YO! new promising series idea and great for newgrounds since it's filled with nerds. good job

Brilliant vid, despite being among the longest here on NG it was at the same time among of the most entertaining! Story was really good, had a lot of good jokes in it, character design was simply amazing, and the pace was jsut perfect!

also: lol'd irl at pie romancer haha :D

This is my kind of comedy. Just the right amount of silliness and good storytelling. I actually paused it to grab a snack mid-way through. Normally, I'd just let it play while I was gone but I wanted to see what would happen next.
This was great writing that had me engaged the whole way through. I loved the voice acting as well. Awesome work!