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BREAKING NEWS: Astroid Watch

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so close


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So this was awesome but then again you seem to always make some amazing work and some brilliant animations with this one you seem to bring in some good humor and the idea of astroids is always a plus I like the effort here and while I'm here congrats on the awards some well deserved awards anyways nice job hope to see more of this style of animation in the near future anyways keep it up

I would love to see you dwell deeper into the story here


I was going to give 5 stars to this, then i saw that i already did almost 2 years ago xD
Nice work dude!

LOL!!! That was supposed to be Armageddon shizz there. 5/5 guranteed.

The news on the bottom line thing tho omg

Good writing. Good premise. Liked the animation and visual comedy