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Denzel Curry - Sick and Tired

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Animation directed by Tristan Zammit http://twitter.com/tristious

Additional animation by

Jarrett Riley http://twitter.com/jarrettriley

Jaime Rodriguez http://twitter.com/JaimeR_2D

Mike http://twitter.com/tlcarus

Song "Sick and Tired" from Denzel Curry's album Imperial, listen here https://soundcloud.com/denzelcurryph/sets/imperial-ii

Denzel Curry http://twitter.com/RavenxMiyagi

Tour projector visuals created for Denzel Curry's Black Metal Terrorist Tour by Tristan Zammit.

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nice animation, art's cool, death by apoplexy alert at 0:25 and 2:19 though. it's a pity about the track. not that Denzel or the album is total rot, but it's a lousy pick: no justification (other than "I like this track", probably not good enough for most, rather than musically significant). anyway, spent quite a bit of time on afro-skull too, probably not the best of ideas, even if the art's "wicked cool."

i like this man, but please have a seizure warning for the lights...

nice animation. It looped one two three too many times at some points but it looked great. Don't know why you had to ruin my eyes with the flashing though. ;) Seriously they hurt like fuck

Nice! I like the way them rats move and that skeleton effect. The transition animation effects are wicked!