Reviews for "Denzel Curry - Sick and Tired"

Yo, I got to be real with you: I've seen your shit and I know you can do better than this. There ain't nothing wrong with getting turned and having some visuals to turn up to but these visuals were mostly repeats and it seemed very nonsensical to me. A small idea could have been to have these 2 guys ghost riding a whip and having the visuals in the sky but that's just a personal idea. All I'm saying is I enjoy it when the songs you use have some story in visual behind it, others may not enjoy it as much as I do but it just seems better in a different perspective. But you keep changing and turning up man, keep turning up.

tristious responds:

u retart

Very well done. Please, keep up the good work.

This is actually really cool I love it, I'm glad I stumbled upon this after seeing him use it at his show yesterday

The player stopped responding for me at the -0:50 mark, but I've seen enough already; you gents deserve no less than one Earth in remuneration for your indomitable animation skills as per usual.

Dude.... fantastic job. This was so incredibly vivid with a lot of care put into it. All the loops are entertaining and are used the perfect amount of times. Great work