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Murder Dream

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There were these dreams (it's only been 2 times) where I killed someone and tried to hide the body.

More of the experimental stuff and really pushing how I time my animations.


This is like one of my dreams; really fuck's you up when you wake-up, dazed & confused, wondering what just happened. except mine usually provide a LOT more detail I think was possible.
- - - - - -
So fantastic job of being able to bring it to life.

linda-mota responds:

i had one dream some people were kicking the shit out of me like straight out of a fight cvlub scene and woke up shaking like a mental patient. waking up shaking and going HOLY FUCK i think ar emore common the more you kinda fuck with yourself? idk if that makes any sense i havn't been sleeping wel

Holy shit,
There's not alot that can capture the surreal nightmare-like qualities of a dream in visual form, but you really hit the nail on the head.
Might I inquire how you created this animation?

linda-mota responds:

each drawing is frame by frame, the maz being about 6 pics per scene. i just kknda put it together nothing really special to be honeest. thank you for the kind reveiw

wow, there are almost no horror movies that can scare me, but this made me feel really uneasy. really great work, but could you tell me what those pictures are that are shown for a split second? (i paused at all of them, accept for the one at "i'll cut off his head" because i want to sleep tonight) :P

Anyway, i really like the way the faces are drawn and that dark, freaky that everything is drawn. Nice work!

linda-mota responds:

oh yea that's easy when I used to fuck around tumblr i followed the gore blogs and hardcore porno blogs, who were the nicest people i knew but had the best reference pictures that fill up about 2 USB drives. Also a test with subliminal messaging. a lot of the pics are crime scenes, bondage, and hospital scenes from poor hospitals.

You're getting some rather silly reviews on this video. Some of them commenting on the parts with text, like they've never heard of a silent movie. I thought it was pretty good. I love stuff about dreams and I think the dream where we've murdered someone and have to hide the evidence is a fairly common one albeit a very distressing one. Well done.

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linda-mota responds:

I was talking about it with a friend and I swear some people are really weird with stuff and taking it seriously. I knew like 3 people who had murder dreams, I don't know the detail for it though.

oh, the horror..

good stuff

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Sep 8, 2016
12:18 PM EDT