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It's done! Made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare (ldjam 36). The theme was Ancient Technology, so I went with Steampunk-ish setting.

The game isn't well optimized for flash as it was intended to run on a window exe format, so please excuse some bugs and slowdown here and there.

(You can edit the controls in the options menu to some alternatives)
Arrows: Move
Shift: Jump
Control: Shoot
\: Change Weapon
Space: Dash (you can also dash by pressing down and fire) (Dashing makes you invincible Dash through enemies, bosses and bullets!)

You can change the controls to different types in the options menu.

Greenlight previous LDjam game:

Hope you enjoy!

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Amazing... I never would have guessed it was made within a limited time frame.

Absolutely incredible! I was expecting to get my arse kicked more than the game did to me - instead, the beginning was actually one of the sweeter ones I've played! The difficulty curve is just right for the 16-bitish style, but I really love how the octopus boss was, frankly, the hardest boss in the game for me, but I guess that's because the game didn't actually "end" there to say the least.

However, my least favourite part of the game is definitely the "press down + fire to dash", as I kept accidentally using it, when I meant to shoot while crouching as to make my hitbox smaller. I'd love if that was a toggleable shortcut instead. Very very great game!

The controls are so bad and hard to use that it makes the game almost unplayable besides that its a good game but the controls holds it back so much that it doesnt matter

SinclairStrange responds:

You know, you can change them...

The controls are weird and are difficult to get used to. Makes it quite difficult to play.

Unless that's just my mac keyboard and its easier on a PC

I really like this game. So much that when I got my nerdblock with the USB SNES controller, the first thing I thought of was this game --- I do agree, the controllers are a pain. But it's a simple fix with Joy2Key. And when you get past that, it's an awesome game.

Also, for anyone having trouble with the tentacle boss, it's very easy -- just follow this pattern:
Go to the edge of the map and wait for the bubbles
Start walking counting the three tentacles and then step to the almost edge of the map
When the bubbles start popping up, go to the opposite side from where you're actually gonna go
Wait till the tentacle pops up and use the dash to cross it
Wait a second and use the dash again and the boss will pop up where you last were

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2016
10:14 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun