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Brain Drama

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EDIT: Daily feature and front page? All I have to say is WHAT. Thanks though ;3

So I didn't have internet for a week , definitely the shortest period I've gone without internet in the past year, but still as shitty. I thought I'd be able to last longer than I did, considering I've gone months without internet before, but I cracked on the first day and ended up wasting most of the week due to lack of motivation, despite animating being pretty much the only thing I could do. I did manage to come to my senses for the last couple days of the week though, and here is the result, fittingly, a cartoon about that experience, though not really, kinda. It's kinda odd that these last couple cartoons I've done have been more "personal" because I had previously been struggling to write cartoons with personal meaning to me. Unlike "me rn" though, this one's more comedic, despite the name. See, the name is actually funny because it's a pun. No one cares though, of course.

Also, I think I've developed insomnia SO THAT'S GREAT.

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Hah. Good ol' classy NG stuff we got here.

You'll go places man. I dunno where but places.
Keep the great work goin!

artistunknown responds:

Whoa, thanks!

It was alright. Animation was a bit shaky but I know you will improve on that.

artistunknown responds:

Define "shaky", because if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, it was intentional.

I hate my brain. It makes me masturbate all the time, but never lets me finish.

artistunknown responds:

Fuck dude, that's worse than what my brain does to me

LOL, brains.

Brain Drama, more like Brain Trauma..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kill me.

artistunknown responds:

Ask and you shall receive ;)