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CRAVEN is an Design Experiment, a small free game focusing on just a few core mechanics and polishing them. My goal is to test my ideas, get feedback and see gamers like or don't.

------ UPDATE [Aug 22, 2016] ------

THANK YOU ALL FOR FEEDBACK and such a nice, warm reception :) This was my first NewGrounds game submission and I definitely learned a lot from this Design Experiment. Lots of good critique in comments too!

For the curious, I wrote about the creation process and lessons learned from this little prototype. You can read about it here: http://koobazaur.com/gamedev/devblog/learned-first-free-experimental-html5-game-craven/


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Good game, just the controls are a bit annoying

I thought this was actually a really great game. It was a very fun high score based game. It's stilll not a game I would play hours on end, but your first game, this is really high quality.

I personally don't like the tapping controls.

It looks kind of silly that the wolf absolutely has to howl every time it eats a bird. Beacause of it you can spawn a bunch of birds, find a wolf and look at the loop.

Night is impossible. You lose like 2 bird every second. Can you actually win this? Is there an ending... or goal? Or is it fully just Design Experiment? Because it lacks a reason.

Koobazaur responds:

Thanks for feedback!

The night is not winnable, its more a test to see how long you can survive (it really could have used a leaderboard at end). Tbh, that was kind of a last minute addition. I had the main day gampleay and everything working but being a small experimental title, I needed a way to "end" it somehow. So I threw that in as a bit of a stopgap / end goal (how long can you survive).

I really like the ideia, it was a nice experimental game
i think we need more objective goal to have more fun
i think its a hard game to polish, but if you it good, it will be an awsome game
sorry i do not have many tips for you for what to do to polish :(

This is a very unique game that I would hate to see die, but unfortunately I am deterred by the fact that the game's simplicity and lack of progression, which doesn't amount to a lot of play time in my experience.

Koobazaur responds:

Yep, just a prototype and design-experiment, was not meant to be a full fledged game. At least not yet ;)

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3.18 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2016
12:36 PM EDT
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