Teyeler Ep0: The Orb

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My entry for the Sound Jam!

This is a bit different than the kinda stuff i usually make. Had a really hard time figuring out what to make for this and ended up on making this. Actually took me about a week and a half before i officially started working on this.

I have an idea for a series of animation about Teyeler going to different planets/lands where i could create a bunch of different weird and unsettling worlds. Since i didn't feel like my ideas for this were fully fledged and it was made for an anim jam i figured this one would be sort of an episode 0. More of a test of how i want things to look and feel rather than a full episode. Hopefully it's still enjoyable.

It was pretty daunting but it became a really fun challenge to find where and how to use the sounds provided. Kinda wish i had used more but i couldn't think of appropriate places.

A big thanks to Fubaka for letting me use his music and to
cecameron for proof-watching the rough cuts.

Sounds i used:

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I really liked the way you cut my various musical pieces together for this. The animation and art style also work very well for this concept.

Superb work!

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thanks! Happy to hear you approve of my use of your music! Once again a huge thanks for letting me use your music, it was perfect for the mood i was trying to acheive. Keep it up!

Cool premise!

As mentioned, I think it makes for a cool atmosphere, and it will be fun to see this eye guy traveling to all kinds of regions. I liked the design of the "platform" he lands on, it's pretty simple but I found it inventive that it's not the most expected shape for a plantet.

Nice you could use the jam as an approach to this proyect. Still, It keeps me wondering if Teyeler has a clear goal on his journey through the worlds, or if he's just on a giant space vacation, hahah!

Good job!

SuperPhil64 responds:

Aw man really glad you enjoyed it! : D

I really tried to get outside of the usual tone of my animations and had a blast with this
(plus i discovered i really like Aphex Twin haha).

I'm not 100% decided on what his journey is yet. Tho i feel like whatever his goal is we probably won't ever truly see the end of it. Allows me to keep his travels as open and flexible as possible.

The tone and atmosphere works so well with this cartoon and the joke at the end makes it even better.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Man, for a week and a half in an animation jam this story is awesome, and as a pilot episode I feel like it holds up just as well. Really excited to see how this story grows, I like the world building freedom that traveling planet to planet gives you.
As for the SFX, great stuff, a few of the sounds were placed so well I didn't realize you even used them until I rewatched it, and the glass breaking on the pupil shrink in combination with the belching orb were great. I'm excited to see more world building of this sort

SuperPhil64 responds:

Hey man really glad you enjoyed it! Appreciate the positive feedback and enthusiasm. : )
Glad you thought i incorporated the SFX well, it was a fun challenge. Tho it kinda killed me
on the inside to not have footstep noises when they walked haha.

I'm really excited to do more of this and to be able to go nuts creating a bunch of bizarre worlds!

Great work, the snare drum was a bit out of place, overall really well done.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Hey! Glad you like it means a lot. Probably should have spent a bit more time toying around with the musical cues. Might have gotten a bit too excited to get this done haha.

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Jul 31, 2016
10:29 AM EDT