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SCA: The Cometh (S1E9)

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He will come and with his size he will consume planets whole, as was foretold.

This was taken from season 1 episode 9 of the Sleepycabin podcast, which still remains to be one of my favourites. This animated segment of the sleepycast includes everything you love about the crew, like: Zach's voice, Stamper, Jeff's laugh and Niall's narcissism.

I picked this particular segment because it's a great example of organic comedy and the set up was perfect. At the time I probably laughed my ass off. I'm not entirely sure, can't remember after having to listen to it a hundred times over throughout the proces.

Thanks for watching.


Not perfect. But still, fucking great job, its's another great homage to SleepyCabin.

Plebs responds:

Thanks. I'd still like to know what you think I could have done differently. So feel free to pm me.

I'm really surprised at how much attention you put into having their facial expressions reflect the emotion in what they're talking about.

I'm personally a huge fan of how you went with very warm color choices and how much attention you put into how clean the lines are, it looks like an actual studio quality animation.

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Plebs responds:

Well some artists manage to pull off the gritty linework. They incorpareted it into their style, which looks really appealing. I'm kinda jealous of that, at least then you won't have to deal with cleaning up all that much.

The biggest compliment has to be that you made an effort to log into an older account just to leave a review. So thanks for that.

The animation is really good and the terminator thing is really funny sleepycast is always funny

Plebs responds:

I know right, It's a podcast you can pretty much always enjoy.

it s funny i like the slow motion unto that vedio

I shouldn't need to tell you that your character designs are fantastic, almost nearing iconic, since everyone else has mentioned it. One thing that I felt wasn't as great was that sometimes, the jokes went by so fast that I had to rewind or rewatch the animation to catch them, might be a problem on my part. Not really your fault, though, since the sleepycast is very quickly paced when it comes to moving from joke to joke. The drawings and colors are effin' beautiful, and I wish I'll be able to make backgrounds as good as those. Special nod for your lip synching. Overall, more than just a solid effort, an actually great animated retelling of the sleepy crew's comedic sensibilities.

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Plebs responds:

I hope you're not just sweet talking me here hah.

As far as the iconic character designs go, that's debatable. I agree that the pacing is rather fast at times, but no harm in replaying. I tried to keep in mind that the details shouldn't distract the viewer from the focal point too much. I can't say I agree with the appraise on the last two technical points. Those are a few of my weakpoints as of now. However no doubt in time it will catch up.

I might be overly critical, but I wouldn't be improving if it wasn't for that. Thanks for the elaborate review though, always helpful.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2016
9:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody