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Space Exploration Horror Game - Teaser (Early Alpha)

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A space game without Space.
Space, you fly, you explore, blow stuff up. I've seen it so many times. Time to raise the bar. In this thing you are not going to fly around a universe. In this thing - you gonna fly BEYOND the universe.

Or if you want to get technical - the space between Universes. An endless plane of twilight, made out of echoes and shards of other universes and realities. The space beyond space. A vibrant canvas, on which all the realities are painted. Full of wonders and horrors.

Ever seen that movie "Event Horizon"? I've been always curious about that place, that the ship went through, that other, twisted dimension. Well, if everything goes as planed - you might have an opportunity to find out. Or at least, see and experience my vision of it.

I want to throw the player in Event Horizon movie setting. There's not a lot of those on the market. I mean sure, Dead Space, newest Alien and such. But they are all FPS,shooters or survival horrors. And most of them are story-on-rails. I don't like that. And I want to change that. I want to explore the horror. Map it.

Planets exploration, blowing ships up, trading, gearing up. Its the same form, the same matrix over and over with little to no change. I want to evolve the genre, enrich it with new materials. Experiment.

ukryty wymiar, event horizon, space exploration, indie game, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, silent hill, space horror, science fiction horror, drone locker, antumbra, deadspace, alien, predator, space game, star citizen, elite, star control, parkan, weird worlds, no man's sky, surreal, creepypasta, interstellar,

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Dang, your stuff is just as good as ever. I hope that you have had a happy and productive year thus far :)

`Just about what I would expect from the creator of Antumbra. Keep it up.

DroneLocker responds:

For individuals like you - always. You've put a warm smile on my face. And I thank you for that :)
Stay with me.

Just the usual surreal style,hm?I liked the sound work,really does make it a more imersive experience. Didnt understand how is the gameplay supposed to be. Will we have any interations?Will it have creepy "faceless" creatures like Antumbra?
I don't really like space games much(they are always sooo boring,always the same!),but this one looks promissor. I am expecting something as amazing,ou even better,than Antumbra.
Just i saw in the facebook group,it's like travelling through a nightmare and a dream at the same time.
Keep up the good work,mister Locker!

DroneLocker responds:

My thoughts EXACTLY! You see, I LOVEEE space games. Just as much as I love astronomy, universe and cosmos in general. But the major problem with most Space Games is that... Well. They follow a strict pattern. To the point where when you played one of them - it's like playing ALL of them. They might let you: combat in space, land on planets, board the ships, trade, upgrade/change your ship, mine resources.

All of the space game has those features. Some of them have them all, some of them have just couple of those - but the core template, the spine formula - rarely changes. Everything that change is the name of the game and graphics. And when it doesn't necessarily means they are bad - it does get old pretty fast. It doesn't really evolve the genre a lot. That's why I dare to make a change...

So you do have the usual. Combat, maybe trading, exploring, boarding and what not. But you also have Thief/MGS like stealth, resources managing, hide and seek, walking around your ship's board, point'n'click adventure elements, shit tons of narration, the unknown because the space you are flying around is nothing you ever seen so before. There are no elements typical for the genre. There's no planets to land on, no spaceship to combat, no trade routs to follow. Instead, you have the Great Unknown. A twisted, surreal inter-dimensional space beyond space. Filled with wonders and nightmares. With creatures and beings, that are closer to gods and demons rather than animals or people. Nothing you ever learned from any other game will apply here. And when the game world does follow a path of peculiar reasoning and unique logic - you can never expect the outcome.

As unbelievable as it might sound - this is a game that has never been done before. And this is not some cheap marketing. Beside being a Gamer - I am mostly a veteran player, and a very hardcore one. I've played hundreds of games. And even I - had never seen something like this. I literally envy the players who will play this game. Because they will experience something I cannot. Because by developing the game - I know all of it's secrets and mysteries. The game cannot take me by surprise. My last hope is if the game would inspire other people to play with this stagnant formula and develop something brand new too.

Maybe then I can play as a player, someone else's game :)
Someone else's "Antumbra in Space"...

Interesting. Looks good, didn't see very much action. Not I expected much action from this game, it's a horror game not your average space game, but not much happened. when playing the actual game that's fine being in an empty atmospheric area is creepy and eerie, but for a game trailer it doesn't work that well. The game has a good atmosphere both with audio and visuals.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you :D Well there will be action but mostly build around tension and quick decision making. Because The combat will be rather fast-paced but short. Like a real life knife fight, 1-2 stabby-stabby and you're dead. So its not like WoW tanking a boss for 30 minutes. But about avoiding, using your surrounding to your advantage, retreat when you feel your opponent is more than you can chew. Sneaking up to your enemy, leading him away from the prize. Feeling up your opponent tempo and countering it with proper tactic.

For my defense - the game is in development in 3 weeks+. So I am mostly showcasing the overall vibe of the game. What can you expect in that field? Try out my previous game, Antumbra. I know its a totally diffrent genre but the atmosphere is around the same corner. Surreal.

There is sooo very much more I want to tell and show. But then again - I cannot right now. Due to two main reasons. First, I am just one guy. I am doing this all by myself. And if I put all the cards on the table at this point - anybody can take them and make them their own. 2nd - I like suspires. :) I want to caught you off-guard. Hit you from an angle you last expect the strike to come. I am aware, it comes with a price of me not being able to create much of buzz before the game is done but... oh well. Its a price I am willing to pay. Thank you for stopping by Juersh! :D Being able to interact with you guys is what keeps my gears spin.

Looks great, love the backstory but actual game-play footage is seems so actionless it's hard to tell what one is actually going to have to do in the game... or what kind of game it's going to be for that matter.

DroneLocker responds:

And that's what it is being called "Teaser":) Think of it a bit like the newest teaser for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Which is practically void of actual gameplay too.

I am developing alone, the game for around 3 weeks so far. So that's why there's not much to see. Scroll down, to one of my replies to review. I have written more info there. It won't be a shooter, that's for sure. There are already plenty of games like that and I want to provide the players with something new and fresh.

There is a lot of RPG elements, adventure elements, stealth game elements. All in psychological-horror, SilentHill-ish setting.

Feel free to shot me a Private Message anytime :)