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A boy's sad bakery story

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Hi! This is part of the LoopJam Animation Contest, Round 1.

I worked really hard for this one and it's made me feel like shit for the past 2 weeks that I've been working on it. S I hope all of you enjoy this one. Thank you.

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The animation was great, the story was a little confusing, but I really enjoyed the giant cake scene.

Jeanyawesome responds:

Thanks, thanks, and thanks, I found it interesting that people were making their own conclusions, though.

I liked it! And I love this catchy soundtrack.

Jeanyawesome responds:

Thank you a lot and BurnedVirus for that song.

i think i know what is happening now,that guy,was an angel,who comes to a bakery to reunite the previous cook with his family,now,the guy has finished its job(in this timeline)then he go to other timeline and do the same thing,all over again,am i right?

Jeanyawesome responds:

I was thinking of something else, but I was hoping that people would make their own interpretation of what's going on, thank you for enjoying.

Great! But the typo at 1:32 ruined it...

Jeanyawesome responds:

Sorry about that but the letters on my keyboard are fading so that happens sometimes, although, I'm glad that you liked it.

So... There is a guy, prefect cook, who comes to a bakery to reunite the previous cook with his family (in this case mother). Did I get something wrong? I really want to get the loop, because it's nice.
Oh! And at -0:26 there is "ypu". :)

Jeanyawesome responds:

That's right, sorry if the looping doesn't look too good maybe I made it too long, but at the end he disappears and appears at the beginning and I actually saw the typo but the i, o, p in my computer are kind of faded so it's hard to see them sometimes, but thank you.