Hellami Animated Series Episode 1 "Hellami"

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Updated: Wow, thanks for the awesome frontpage, Newgrounds! And to the Voters too for the daily 2nd place.

Hellami Animated Series Episode 1"Hellami". The year is 2070, Hellami had arrived in Bayfort as a special inspector for the rising cases of "Sharks" attacks. The "Sharks" are humans that are infected by a mystery disease known as Redies that turns them into violent monsters with mutated body.

The graphics is made up of both 2d flash and 3d animations. From Ep.3 onward, it will be totally in 3d.

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I'll call here Salami, because I love sausages, it's not the wurst thing to do am I right?
This seems mildly interesting, but mostly it looks horrible, but what can I say the animation style isn't my thing but I can tell it took a lot of effort to make. Other than that, I enjoy the voice acting even if the script is a bit lacking and uninteresting, just the lack of interesting stuff in this is gonna make me watch the next one, other than all this I find it really good, basic plot seems good enough, the unwilling partner, the fact that she keeps some forbidden secret, even though the script and storytelling here is lacking, it somehow peaks my interests in how you are going to make this story excel, with it's incredibly slow pace and lack of content, but it might be what intrigues me as I'm unfortunately a sucker for slow paced dramas.

Oh and sound quality and all that shit is top notch.

The 3d animation was pretty good, but the 2d animation was pretty inconsistent between being pretty decent to just being still-frames with a moving mouth. At times it feels pretty cliched, like as if it wants to be a RUBY or a Hellsing, but kinda fails being both. This is just the first episode though. I'm anticipating for the next episode!

Black-Crystal responds:

The series is partially inspired by hellsing but it is not trying to be that. The 2d part is from a older existing shots which could be the reason why it is not as polish. Hope you will find the later episodes be better :)

Yep i said about a month or 2 back that i can't wait for the 1 episode and like said i am here. And i got to say this is very goood it really met up to my expectations! 5/5

Black-Crystal responds:

Thanks for the 5/5! Glad that this episode met your expectations. Hope you will enjoy the rest in the upcoming days :)

For starters, the intro was great, grabbed my attention instantly and the story was mostly easy to follow. I do have a few things to point out. For the cgi sections, the models look a little too "shiny"( no experience with 3d animation so if that's normal ill let it pass), lack eyelashes, and differ in quality. The cgi "man in red" seems to have a higher quality clothing than hellnami whereas the priest looks lower overall. Animated parts looked rough, inconsistent in style and framerate and lip sync was off, a suggest would be to make the lines more clear, for example the shark skull at the beginning and the brief view of the blonde man in glasses look wonderful. For the lip sync, you could look at yourself in a mirror or film your mouth while reading the script and use it as reference when animating. Finally the background (static?)noise from recording the voices of your characters stand out when there's no music playing, this could be because i'm wearing earphones but try to get rid of it.

Black-Crystal responds:

The 3d models or characters are always in the midst of improving, it will look better in later ep. Sometimes it is made to look less detail for example Hellami's face which I think looks better when it is simple. The lip sync does need more practicing. I didnt notice the static noise, they probably came from the old recordings of the 2d flash part. Thanks for your review :)

This was pretty cool and I think having the visual style change dramatically between cuts is really interesting. It reminds me of MTV's the Maxx, the way the animation style would shift between scenes. My only criticism is with the use of 3D. It just didn't really blend well with everything else and I think it may have worked better if you just limited the 3D to the backgrounds and maybe just traced over the characters. It's a very interesting premise though, I look forward to the next one.

Black-Crystal responds:

Yeah the visual style is different because of the mix between 2d and 3d. But from Ep.3 onwards, i will be using all 3d which will require no blending. Using all 3d animations just makes my work more easier and faster to produce compare to 2d. Thanks for your review :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2016
6:09 AM EDT