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Reviews for "Hellami Animated Series Episode 1 "Hellami""

This was pretty cool and I think having the visual style change dramatically between cuts is really interesting. It reminds me of MTV's the Maxx, the way the animation style would shift between scenes. My only criticism is with the use of 3D. It just didn't really blend well with everything else and I think it may have worked better if you just limited the 3D to the backgrounds and maybe just traced over the characters. It's a very interesting premise though, I look forward to the next one.

Black-Crystal responds:

Yeah the visual style is different because of the mix between 2d and 3d. But from Ep.3 onwards, i will be using all 3d which will require no blending. Using all 3d animations just makes my work more easier and faster to produce compare to 2d. Thanks for your review :)

hellami cool name great animation anyone else thought it would be funny if her name was sallami xD

Black-Crystal responds:

Hey thanks, yea she has a cool name. I googled sallami and google gives me hotdogs? lol

Not bad. I can tell that you have potential to get much better, but there are various improvements that can be made to this. Firstly, the usage of both 2D and 3D art is a little jarring, I suggest choosing and sticking to one. Also, while the art itself isn't bad, the animation lacks fluidity. It feels really stiff, almost as if you're just jumping between key frames without really imagining the movement as one complete motion. The lip-syncing could use some work as well.

But it's not all bad, there are some nice moments here. You have a good directing style, and I can see what you want to convey. It's just that you're having a bit of trouble actually getting it across. The story felt pretty simple, but it isn't uninteresting. The premise is nice, but the characters weren't fleshed out. To be frank, they were boring, but given the length of the short you did what you could. I suggest focusing more on individual characters rather than exposition.

For example, instead of opening with the priest you could have open with Hellami, whom seems to be the main character of this whole show. You could have used her to introduce the Redies, who George is, and various other pieces of exposition while also showing what her personality is through her descriptions of the people. I understand that you want to keep her mysterious, but without a character of some sort to relate to, the audience will feel detached from the story.

I enjoyed the short, and hope to see your work improve in the future. For now, Hellami gets a 3.5/5.

Black-Crystal responds:

I agree that the animations still need more work but i made a choice of doing the new scenes rather than improving the old ones. I like to see the big picture since it is a animated series.

This episode is meant to introduce the series and the plot. I do like to flesh out Hellami & the other characters more but it will be too 'overwhelming' to have all in one episode. Hellami will have her own in depth story in a later episodes.

You provided good points and I am glad that you enjoy this episode :D I will definitely keep improving the series.

I have been waiting for this to launch and it didn't disappoint, great production and really smooth animation. A decent first episode that leaves me wanting more, good job.

Black-Crystal responds:

Thanks! It will get better :)

This is great! I'll admit, I thought the whole new thing would be in 3D. But I really like the feel I got from the old 2D shots too. I'm a little mixed as to how they come together. Keep up the good work!

Black-Crystal responds:

Yeah I expected that the 2d and 3d mix might be alittle weird but It will just take too much time for me to redo them into 3d. I decided that it's better for me to use my time for the new scenes. Seeing the big picture... And thanks for your compliments, glad that you enjoy it :D