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Gunmetal Black Ep 24

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This was the last animation I was able to save when my comp died.

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Will there ever be more gunmetal black?

Your Animation skills are good. I think you did a great job on this one. Graphical it looks convincing and if you look away from all the other 3D-Anime I think it ranks up well. My points for improvement: More fluent animation and better choreography for the action scenes. Sometimes it looks like I'm looking at 10FPS and sometimes the characters barely make contact or there is a "big" pause before contact.
in short, I think you're coming along just fine. Maybe giving your work a second look or a second opinion by someone else will improve the final product even more.

I second some of the things pointed out from others. But lets focus on a ew details.
The scene where your protagonist 1 jumped down the building and used her ropegun a few times. Was hard to read, brought no insight to the watcher. Maybe some detailed shots including a shot from the gun or the point where the hook caught a hold, combined with a more clear movment maybe a swing directly towards the camera, a cut with a clear movment with head, arm and the rest of the body indicating a direction change, followed by a landing. If you could alter the ropegun sound slightly it would help to avoid the soundbitey feeling I had.

I applaud your fighting scene, well done in that matter. For my taste it recycled the same movement to much. That is not really a problem, but seeing this from the very same ancle in the same shot makes it very clear for the vewer, at least for me.

I enjoy the concept of randomly tapping into a whole storyline not known to the viewer XD

I hope you will blast out amazing work in the future!

this needs a REBOOT

Voice volume vary. Facial expressions need work. Some action sequences could be speed up, or slowed down, angles can be dramatized too. Some sound effects stand out. Keep it up.