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Stuffed is the story of Patches who has a serious issue with evil thoughts! Patches tries everything to get rid of his problem but things take a turn for the weird when a mysterious friend wants to help.

This is an experimental series where you as the viewer decides what happens next! The story has begun but the community needs to finish it! Leave your comments and suggestions on what happens next and the most creative, funny, or weird suggestions may end up in the next animation! Please nothing R rated let's try to keep it PG or PG-13 lol! Also I would love to add narrators to this series in the future!


"Bad Ideas (distressed)", "Comic Plodding", "Long note One", "Texture for Violincello and Pianoforte No. 2"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Clowning Around- Youtube audio library

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It could have started at about 5 minutes in and been exactly the same. I don't care for the subtext of this either. The dichotomy between getting "help" and murdering people. The mental health system is a seriously flawed, abusive, and generally corrupt business, and it's been ruining countless peoples lives for generations. But for you, it's just a prop in your aimless and trite horror story. Also, the wallpaper background (which you didn't make yourself) is distracting.

It's up to you Patches. And then......
Patches in search of Good Thoughts joins up with C.Charlie.
The duo search for the Real Candyman (the other was just one of numerous stuffed look-alikes, a greedy bureaucratic system that took candy & goodness from free-thinkers. Thinking like that suggests a Soul/Spirit, because that could be dangerous. To them Free-thinking = EVIL).
But Patches doesn't know the truth yet. C.Charlie knows more than he lets on.
~Adventure ensues~ [insert random insanity/ Imagination HERE]
It is discovered that the RealCandyMan is in the human world also a wizzard doing tricks for kids on the streets as a hobby. They get there through a portal via a GrabClaw Machine, Rare Tokens & a Human Child. HumanChild receives the Patches & C.C.. then tries to teach Patches the true meaning of Heart, and Goodies ≠ Goodness. Patches doesn't understand this yet. C.Charlie later reveals He too was once a human child, but got turned into a puppet by CandyMan and now wants revenge & His true self back. Patches goes rampant in his lust for candy (his bottom stitches reveals a second mouth & a single peering red eye). No matter how much goodies he consumes his 'heart' remains empty...
CandyMan only wanted to give old holiday candy a home inside stuffed beings. Also to teach C.Charlie a lesson [flashback: C.C. is a kid bully stealing candy & toys. No heart for others and things. later seen ripping a stuffed bunny to shreds then tossed aside. Later found by CandyMan who mends him & gives him candy.) Perhaps C.C would learn compassion and overcome his wooden heart.
C.Charlie attacks CandyMan intending to rip him open like he did with the fake in the cellar. CandyMan doesn't want to hurt C.C. since he loves kids so barely& very poorly defends himself.
Human Child pleads with Patches to snap out of his internal insanity. Patches chomps & misses, trying to eat H.Child with his second mouth. H.Child then notices the eye inside the gaping mouth, Then bravely dives inside Patches. Deep inside the abyss....
Calling out HumanChild finally finds Patches. Well, his Spirit, sitting amidst dirtied fluff and empty wrappers. Holding his head in confusion, lonely and in tears.
' -Why , Am I so Empty-' '-Why , Am I but Broken Pieces-' ' -Why , was I Thrown Away-' ???
"Am I .... Is it because I am Evil- !"
"You ARE NOT Evil ! Patches !" HumanChild throws his arms around embracing Patches somehow in a tight hug. Patches is still confused, silent but listens looking to the H.Child. "Remember what I taught you, about 'Heart'. "
Patches discards fear and doubt and embraces the 'Light' within himself. Then uses new power to deflect C.Charlie from stabbing CandyMan.
~Epic Battle ensues~ Charlie is defeated but not without undoing the last stitch that kept patches together. Patches 'dies'...
HumanChild asks CandyMan to fix him like before but the damage is too great. H.Child goes to embrace Patches for the final time -but wait- a little red eye is peering at him from under the fluff!
Its Patches , but as a Real Live bunny with fur like patchwork. Patches heart transformed him into his TrueSelf. something that Chatty Charlie would never learn and could only hope for.
~ Happy Ending ~ H.Child invites Patches to come live with him. Patches hesitates then looks down. CandyMan assures Patches that what happened to him in the past wasn't his fault. He also encourages him to hope in others despite how they may seem and to always remember the light within himself. Patches nods and hops into the awaiting arms of HumanChild starting their new life together.
~The End ~ or is it?
where did Chatty Charlie slink off to?
will CandyMan fix the societal issues in Flufferton Central?

The silhouette of puppet appears. His cold eyes piercing the Darkness.
"Hi. what's you're name? Don't worry, you don't have to speak.~ I'll be doing the talking for the both of us." Hehe hahahahahahahaaaaa "Let's be FRIENDS~ ...Kay~" *dark chuckles echoes off into the depths of darkness itself.
[Achievement Unlocked: New Friend! ]
So how's that? Remember , You asked 4 It ;-) . Click Helpful If U like it. :D

Good sense of driven story! Even though there wasn't a bunch of dynamic animation, I feel like the simple movements suited the story. Feels pretty goddamn creepy.

Patches becomes Batman. I'm feelin' that for sure.

Patch's head blows !

If I may be so bold as to leave a suggestion open to the Author's interpretation... I believe a good idea would be to handle some similar themes as this piece does.


It's different enough to allow for a lot of creativity, but there's something compelling about how this story plays out.