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Deadpool the Musical

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This is basically the whole movie in 2 and a half minutes, so DO NOT watch this unless you've seen "Deadpool"

A commission / collaboration between myself and lhugueny.



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lhugeny finally realized hes a garbage animator
im glad he got someone else to animate
his music still sucks though

yo piv its gamer ray i didn't know you had a newgrounds

Animation was great but I can't deal with music out of beat.

I loved this movie and I was 12 when I saw it

Can I be painfully honest? Even though I can see where you were trying to go with the choice of music to parody and whatnot, I felt that even if it had been synced correctly and timed better that it probably still wouldn't have worked. Why not parody a song used in the movie, or use an orchestrated score to make some quirky jokes alongside that? After a while, this song will be grossly outdated and run out of the times, if I must state harshly.

I do, however, have to admire your art style, as I can tell that you've really been working on it pretty diligently so far in the time frame that I last watched your content. In fact, I never even thought that I would make a review like this for your work until just now, but sometimes some honest (and rather harsh) criticism can really lift someone's determination and take them to higher places in their craft over a span of time and many failed attempts along the way. Granted, my content might not be much of a prize in a comparative standpoint to your's, but that hardly matters in the sense of giving an overall acute observation.

I just feel that this could've explored so much more than it actually did, and had it taken perhaps longer to make or possessed some more outerlying creative focus, this could've really been a gut wrenching and maybe thought provoking parody of the satirical antihero comedic Deadpool that we all know and love for those very reasons.

I have to give this a 3 (and I do mean I HAVE to), because I feel your potential could better rival this work over-exceedingly and that maybe this was one of those "hit and miss" situations for you. I really hope that you can understand my point of view in this case, and that this review doesn't come off as a personal attack in any sense. Thanks for reading it, if you did, and I do look forward to more cartoons nevertheless.