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Reviews for "Deadpool the Musical"

This is a really cool idea but needs better execution.

The visual style is cute and appealing. Consistency is top notch. There are plenty of snippets that show your proficiency as an animator but for the most part all the shots were lack luster. I think my favorite bit was the Deadpool and Colossus duet. Deadpool's hand being crushed was really nicely animated. The pacing went a long with the music well but all the animation felt like it was being held up by the songs speed. The chorus text cutaways are probably the thing I dislike most, very straight forward with nothing appealing to keep your interest at bay. Music could use work.

There's a lot of talent here for sure and you should be proud of all the work you guys put into this. Look forward to seeing more from you. Congrats on the front page!

dear ThePivotsXXD

I quite enjoyed the whole musical throughout the animation however, In the back of my head, the choice of music along with the TIMING of the voice syncing in with the cadence of the beat of the bass doesn't sound mutually good overall. Albeit, your animation skills are up to par but the execution of the song isn't well thought out I'm afraid. Despite that, frankly it was quite catchy I'll give you that.

This review and all opinions are solely based on First Impressions

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

Hella, nice to see the full thing outside of the streams! Pretty darn accurate from the movie hahahah!

I was truly pumped when I saw this on the front page. I saw the movie a couple weeks ago and really fell in love with a character I knew nothing about.

Now, on to your video. The music is pretty terrible honestly. Its creative for sure but it wasnt my favorite part. The toon itself visual-wise was pretty awesome. You did add ALOT of spoilers for the movie so as someone suggested below, you REALLY should put that in the title for people who havent seen it yet.

But having seen it, I really appreciated it alot. Good job.

The animation style is the strongest part, I feel. Really fits with the easy-going, whimsical tone of Deadpool. Such a shame that it's constantly interspersed with uninteresting on-screen lyrics.

The audio is honestly the poorest part of the video. Horrible auto-tune combined with uninspiring lyrics topped-off with bland pop. Ruined the animation in my opinion. But hey, I guess it just didn't appeal to me.

I must reiterate, very good animation though.