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Utube version here !!
Hi !
LightFall is my last animated 2d work in date
It's very short , but very intense work of animation and all
I took some risk here and here to provide some kind of an specific experience
The video is 720*576 but i'm trying to upload the HD in youtube or vimeo
LightFall is battle-centered , also the star constellation featured in the movie is the Geminies...
Please tell me if you liked it or not and why ? and what did you got personnally from it .
Thanks !

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Holy SHIT that was amazingly done!
The soundeffects were fitting though most of them harmed the atmospere slightly, the way I feel.
there were some unnessecairly lenghts that make it hard to follow. If you woul dhave filled the lingering lenth with light body movments that imply mental procession, it wouldn't have felt that way.
Starshine, Friend. My stars shine for you

Watched this in my bedroom in the dark, on my phone. The visuals were quite a treat, especially while watching it in the dark! Really brought out the whole constellation aesthetic ahah.

I think about everyone mentioned it already, but the pauses were a little too long at times. Is there any reasoning for this? Dynamically, it doesn't really play out well, especially since nothing much really happens in those pauses.

All in all, I loved it. I appreciate the amount of detail on filling the constellation particles on the Geminis! Amazing what you could still do with 2D.

airman4 responds:

Watching in the dark seems a good idea , i will have that in mind with my next animations !
thanks a lot for the kind words
i'll probably avoid the long pauses xd

i'm going to upload another short film i've made when i was a student , stay tuned !

The pointillistic style of the combatants was beautiful and I liked how they moved in the fight scenes. I always think it looks neat when people and things in action seem to drift across the screen.

I got the sense of some sort of mythic struggle between divine powers, as with constellations in the heavens. I'm not good with naming constellations, but even before reading the comments I thought it might be Gemini. This did confuse me a bit though, since I'm not aware of any conflict the Gemini twins would've fought against each other. Also the woman at the end with the arrows: what was up there? More info on the actual story would be nice.

My only other minor complaint is that there were a couple pauses that didn't seem necessary: after the combatants are reduced to just a shield and when the woman is looking down at the shield. But even these weren't too bad.

airman4 responds:

Hi !
It's set into the gemini constellation and yes both combattants were "castor" and "Pollux" and the third star , the humanoid female form is Almeisan , if you google it you will find some links like that

It's a myhtical struggle between stars into a constellation and who brights the most
As you can see the thirs star is right behind Castor and Pollux

Alhena and Almeisan are the same

The double arrow on Almeisan can be a symbol of her Force , also it can show the number of her victims xd

Now that you said , i made many pauses , many people are talking about that
i'll try to put it down in my next movies


if you've made more stuff like this or on this level of quality, link them in a response to this review.

airman4 responds:

Hi thanks !
It's an old movie i did when i was student 10 years ago

and this one is from 2010/2012

Hope you'll like

Well I liked it very much! It was very intresting to see a definite outline with undefinite form and imagine the details. Also the storyline, even if it was short, was intresting and with a twist. The fight scenes were also good and reminded me of some profesional work I 've seen over the years. But why did you let so much empty time run inbetween the "acts". That was something that felt very odd and kind of stained the quality of the other parts; mostly it destroyed the continuity of your story. Very good though, keep it up !!

airman4 responds:

Hi , thanks a lot for that review !
I think that "hold" in time is definitly infamous right now , many hate that
It was to make the battle more intense and more unusal
Generally the catching breath scene is rather fast , i wanted for once making something slow
Maybe i added too much time