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Reviews for "LightFall"

Phenomenal! Wow what a cool concept! The fighting was well paced and the way it was done with light and stars, it had a surreal feeling. What program(s) did you use to make this?

airman4 responds:

Thanks ZVCH
I used TV paint

This was really cool, a decent length too. I'd love to see this front paged as I can only imagine the amount of time and effort put into this project. Great work

airman4 responds:

Very thanks for the kind words
Well lets hope then it gets frontpaged !
It took me several months of work , like 6 months

i didn't understand from how incredible this animation is

airman4 responds:

you didnt understood the short film ,
I can get it lol

This was a nice experience. The styling is surreal and starry, and the action sequences were well-choreographed.

There were a few instances where the animation was a bit choppy, but it didn't exactly take away from the experience for me. However, the long pause at 1:58 was a bit distracting for me.

Otherwise, very well done!

airman4 responds:

Thanks for that review man , very appreciated
Sorry about the long pause
i tried that , wasn't sure but at least i tried

Maybe i over did that

For the animation , yeah i noticed some bad stuff

well I can tell it is good to see this animation even it's 2D the movements so smooth, overall it's a good work that you have done
I have some review that in the 0:52 second the guy that attacked by the lion: what's wrong with his hand ? it's better to see the hands just still or trying to cross his hand to act it's on guard
and at 1:55 what happen ? is it teleport ? or ?

well the thing is I like it good job

airman4 responds:

At 0'52 , nothing , hard to explain , the part of his hands is not seen cause the particlesof his forarms hide the arm (sorry for my english)

At 1'55 hahah i should not explain but it's not really a teleport more like a swallow XD
I should have turn the shield into a mouth maybe