A Christmas Carol — feudal version

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Japaneser Scrooge don't know about Christmas, can he learn a valuable christmas lesson?
find out in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickinson, a classic British tale in feudal Japan.

rendered with Swivel.

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Such a disgrace that it's downright hilarious. Too bad the audio quality and voice acting really rubs me the wrong way.

"Bahhumbuguu!" Haaaaaaaa!

So...Are they Canadian?

10/10 it was so bad that you can't help but love it. Truly the best rendition of that story.
I mean. Itu wasu so badu datu yu kantu herupu butto ravu itu. Tururi te besuto renudision ofu datu sutori. Meri Kurisumasu andu a hapi nu yea. Sai hero to Taini Timu-San furomu mi.

Now that the really racist and fun part is over, I loved it, it was quite an enjoyable watch, it was much appreciated. I really enjoy the rendition mostly because of the funny writing, it shines through that you had a lot of fun doing this and that's the true Christmas Spirit.

OOOOOHHH -AAAAHHH! Tiny-a-Tim-a-san!
I lost it. XD This is like Japanese South Park on crack.