A Message from Zeppelin: Volume 2

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Hey everyone! Long time no see!
So last year, I launched a Kickstarter to publish the first volume of my webcomic, Lighter than Heir.
The comic tells the story of a cocky young woman who struggles with her comrades and herself to make a name for herself and become the greatest soldier who ever lived.
Today I launched a kickstarter in efforts to publish volume 2!


I animated the pitch, so please enjoy it!
Also, please take a moment to visit the kickstarter, back a reward, and spread the word!
Pitch video voices provided by Anjidu (as Zeppelin) and Tomamoto (as Vogel). Art and animation by me. Script by Spanio. Sound effects from freesounds.org, music from incompetech.com and Moonlight Sonata is public domain!

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I like that you have created and nurtured a strong female amusing character into life. While this just feels like an advert, its still done in an amusing witty light hearted way that is enjoyable.
I don't particularly like the stop motion type of animation in this, however If that is your style, Its not my place to judge. Just not for me.

As, lighthearted and explorative the series is; as well as time you spent put into making each individual strip, concept, sketch, color, and detail; i feel as though an advert for a production on newgrounds feels...out of place. Not the fact that it won daily feature, but rather it's entirety of of the animation's direction.

It's good to inform viewers of constant updating; don't get me wrong, people love that you're on top of things and letting them in the know; What better trait of an artist? Rather, it's probably more appropriate to make a front page post linking the video to a dump file (dumpgrounds) or youtube channel than to present this flash as a finished product of story telling, when most people might take it the wrong way and think "Really? it's a descriptive sales pitch."

Nalem, i've watched you on newgrounds since you first started uploading back in 05 much like most artists today and it's always been delightful to see your skits and ideas developed over the years. It's a good strange feeling to have seen people improve without ever knowing much about them. To sum it all up without biting the back of people's teeth, i feel as though i would be neglecting my ability as a reviewer to not point out areas that need improvement.

Most importantly, i would be denying you possible improvement.

I hope that this hasn't come off as negative, i still do appreciate the content you post as much as the next dedicated artist on this site. I eagerly await to see the finished product come to fruition.

A dream is like a feather.

This isn't helping the front pages situation at all. As for your work, its nice to see you haven't lost your touch.

I don't like the daily 1st being an advertisement.

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Sep 8, 2015
2:41 AM EDT