Reviews for "A Message from Zeppelin: Volume 2"

The artwork, animation, and VA were all very good (though I am not a fan of the stylized nose), but the content and purpose of this flash goes against the spirit of newgrounds. I mean, you haven't posted your own original videos or art since your last "pitch" for money. "Long time no see" is an understatement. It's just not cool to come by newgrounds only to plead for money when you are not an active contributor to the community. There are other artists who have been uploading free content for all of us to enjoy more frequently, more consistently, and more recently who are more deserving of our dollars. Don't you have income from selling the last one anyway?

nalem responds:

Well, yeah! I've been busy with my webcomic! Keeping up with a community takes a lot of time and I don't have much time for that anymore! But I've accumulated a fan base here on NG over the years, and I think it's fair to let them know what I'm up to. Many of them have come over and now keep up with my comic, which I'm grateful for! [and is totally free to read! http://lighterthanheir.com]

And I'm pretty sure Newgrounds has a ad revenue system that allows those "free" content creators to make money. Also, I guarantee plenty of the front page artists have patreons or some kind of pay wall of their work.

It shouldn't be shameful for artists to promote themselves and ask for money. As for me not deserving it for not being a member here? Ok, fine, fair enough. I take it you're a donator to Newgrounds then? :) These guys deserve it more than anyone. And I hope I can give back someday with the income I gain from my comics!


Ditch the comic, just go for the animation business, this is great!

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