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Remember Giegue

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Based on the story about the little alien boy who was raised by a human early 1900.

A young boy named Ninten has finally gathered all eight melodies and starts to play it for Queen Mary in Magicant. She is then reminded of her love for Giegue, who she raised as her own child after being abducted by aliens together with her husband in 1900. After studying the power of PSI that these aliens bestow, George fled back to earth, leaving Mary behind. She kept taking care of Giegue until one day they were forced from eachother and Giegue was taught for several years to hate humans and to destroy them for using their PSI but poor Giegue couldn't bring himself to hurt those who had raised him espacially Mary. Instead of killing her. He erased her memories and kept her in emptiness of her consiusness that she later created into Magicant.

But there is one weapon that is stronger than any power that Giegue can control. A lulaby...

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I don't care what anyone says the story of Mother 1 breaks my heart more than any of the other.

Just seeing this for the first time after playing and finishing MOTHER for myself, it's so good.
The thing that's so intriguing about MOTHER 1 is that it's story is just as in-depth as 2 and 3, but we hardly see any of that story in the actual game. As far as I know, other than maybe the novel I haven't read, there's no official reason for why Maria and Giegue split up, why the Caves of the Tail and their pink shells that warp to Magicant are hidden around the US, why George's grave is atop Mt Holy Loly, or why Maria's memories are gone.
And while Kenisu3000's webcomic puts out interesting ideas and the pink shells were visually called back to with the Magypsies in MOTHER 3, who may be connected to Magicant in other ways, all this mystery just makes the already amazing game even more addicting to think about.

This is beautiful, and it still holds up to this day!

2021 I've found the G.O.A.T

Mother is my absolute favorite game. I cried throughout this whole video, had to stop it several times because I couldn't watch anymore. Thank you for this.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
6:15 PM EDT