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Reviews for "Remember Giegue"

I played Mother 3 and earthbound and it has not only a great story but It's also great game. I \t makes me happy to watch this since it does indeed remind me of those games. good job. keep it up.

DAMN GOOD TEARJERKER! this story is sadly underrated, I hope it get the proper reviews in the future. Plus love the shout out at the end.

awesome , i am not easily moved by animated stuff , but your animation made me a little emotional

My feels........they're all shattered now T^T

"It... hurts..." -Giygas

My main gripes in this were two things. The set up felt like it too a bit too long, while I know you were playing the song it still felt a bit stale. On top of that the text for 'stop singing' felt a bit off to me. Not incorrect, but rather like trying to crop out the white on a JPEG picture so it lingers with it. Perhaps that's just a personal thing, but it really irked me. The second thing that was annoying was the Giygas scene. You just moved around pictures of an already created Giygas instead of creating your own version and having something terrifying of which your own hands created. The first minute and fifteen could definitely have used more love.

That being said, it was still very well done and I always had a very soft spot for Gyiyg / Giegue / Giygas. It didn't turn me to tears, but I won't say I didn't choke up a little bit. The shift and turn in the Giygas, twisting into the mouth before he woke up, was really nice. I'd have to say that my favorite scenes were him tearing up as his eyes were turning black and the scene when Mary was wiping dirt off his face when he fell over.

Overall the animation was done pretty well, the colors were nicely done and it had a nice blend of cute and being absolutely horrible. Definitely keep up the work. Obvious improvements can be made, but I am glad someone made a little Giegue animation. No one ever really shows how he became Giygas, it's just a thing. Nor how/why the devil machine is made or anything of the sort. Still, I'm glad to see at least something was done in his honor. I'm also glad to see it was pretty well done too.

Sadly, I'm not much of an animator so I can't give actual tips. I'd have to say her mouth felt a little close to her jaw, and a bit too small. Although, you did do a good job of the lip-sync from the song lyrics to her mouth. I guess that sometimes things felt a bit stiff? You also seem to use basic tools as shortcut sometimes, like the gradient circle around Giegue at the start. You could easily have tried to put him in a glass dome like he is in mother 3, and as it pans closer it goes past the glass or something. This also applies to a couple of their eyes. Granted, it doesn't look bad so don't take it the wrong way, but I believe it could look better. All I can say is work more on your art, your animation actually doesn't seem too bad for the most part. Keep it up and stuff.

HogisLeDude responds:

Thank you so much for your comment. I am gonna take note.