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Reviews for "Remember Giegue"

I love it. The animation is great, as always, and it really made me feel. Keep up the great work!

Oh boy, the feels. I don't even know where to begin on this. But seeing this actually made me tear up a bit. You know you made something good if you can make someone shed some tears in a good way. And friend, you did it. Also, you have improved on the animations. Not saying your animations in the past were bad, but this showed you'd put more time in it. But yeah, this was beautiful. Damnit, now I need a tissue.

HogisLeDude responds:

Thanks for your comment.

It really is something special, reading this. I'm really glad you loved it.

All aboard the feels train!

The animation seems a little stiff, but other than this is a pretty good homage to Earthbound.

So Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

You really took all of us to memory lane with a heavy dose of feels, this was beautiful, the music, the animation, all was perfectly put together... it was beautiful and intense... this really made want to play the mother series all over again for i don't know the tenth time already...