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The Adventures of Good Boy Bart

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Here it is! The not-at-all-anticipated-almost-one-year-in-the-making cartoon if finally showing it's ugly mug for all the world to see!

End Credit music: https://soundcloud.com/tosmatobeef/rabbit-man
Original concept: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tosmatobeef/good-boy-bart-original-concept

Please check out my awesome friends who help me out!


Story, writing, animation, and music -
Tosmatobeef: http://tosmatobeef.newgrounds.com/

Co-directing, animatic, addition animation, sound design -
Boonebum: http://boonebum.newgrounds.com/

Additional animation, additional background -
MrChambers: http://mrchambers.newgrounds.com/

Additional animation -
Stejkrobot: http://stejkrobot.newgrounds.com/

Clay character models -
The Insaneum: http://docjoshimitsu.newgrounds.com/

Voice acting, background art -
CroMagg: http://cromagg.newgrounds.com/

Voice acting -
Edatlin: https://www.youtube.com/user/edatlin

Voice acting -
TopherG: http://topherg.newgrounds.com/

Special thanks to all my Skype buddies who helped mold GBB into whatever it is now!

Maybe check these out to, I mean do whatever you want... but here:




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This is so weird and I love it.
Probably one of my personal favorites of yours keep it up please!

Just a bunch of nonsensical fun

I keep forgetting who the voice of bart is. I've heard him before in other movies but never could remember his name

i didnt get it. gave me a quarter chub.

how is a bird house a mammal? :O

CaperCube responds:

you just have to believe!

It's dumb funny.

But not a joke everyone can get.

Nice animation though.