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Reviews for "The Adventures of Good Boy Bart"

That was rad!!! Great art.

i really didnt like this, i would imagine your year that it took to make this would have been better off doing something else. it also seems to me that anyone with animation skills could easily make a cartoon better then this. There is no talent portrayed here in my opinion, but people seem to like this random kind of stuff.

That being said, just because people like random stuff, doesn't mean that the need for people who can make crappy cartoons with no plot such as this is in high demand.

this is so stupid,that it is goodXD

I like this kind of comedy. it what makes newgrounds what it is.

The dailog was written by a meth head, and the animation was written by a meth head. Neah, just kidding. But for real, I didn't find this that funny.

Tosmatobeef responds:

uh....thanks for the 5