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Reviews for "The Adventures of Good Boy Bart"

I care that the feet are the wrong way! |:[

I don't know if I should ever trust another birdhouse gourd ever again.

Good animation. Just that.

3 Stars.

I thought the animation itself was really good and you have a lot of potential. However you overdid the whole randomness thing slightly and I found it rather distasteful in my opinion. But no worries, I still believe with better voice acting, and a good plot you'll make it really far in the animation scene. Cheers!

- Gerard

Good animations.

Failed jokes or what I think was your attempt at jokes... no context, even for a generic random newground cartoon it just had nothing going on.

Some of the faces were a bit funny and the dialogue such as "this foodstuff belongs to my persons" has its appeal. But really it had nothing going on.