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An idle-rpg game about little guy Folcard who tries to continue his ancestors craft of being a hero.

-New guild - Heroic Order
-Now Hero Spirits mean a lot, since they define you rank in Heroic Order
-New armor, weapons, artifacts, pets
-Now you can rent your free housing space and receive income
-Some bug fixing

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nice game! keep up the good work! :)

Imagine Kurechii's The King's League assets and music were stolen and turned into a poor idle game, and you'll know what we have here and why it isn't worth your time.
The game brings nothing to the idle table.

Well, I've bought all the upgrades in shop, and promoted to legendary hero. It's a long way. A few glitches, overall a fun idle game. At some point in late game, somehow I no longer feel like playing an idle game anymore, because I can't really progress by "idling." All I can do to purchase next item is by doing investments, a lot of investments, since It needs like...Idk, at least more than 10^10 times of current incoming per sec by idling. And the last "A lot" unit is really confusing me, since I no longer know how much I gain or lost exactly toward the last upgrade(Well, glad that didn't take too long...).
Anyway, good luck heroes! I'm moving to new game :)

surprisingly addicting! there is a few things a like and don't like but i won't really complain. it kind of looks like it could be a mobile game, also reminds me of the capitalist

I spent two and half hours on this game waiting for the moment where it became fun. It never happened. Maybe I'd feel more of a sense of accomplishment and progression if the game had started with much smaller increments of numbers so that having 3 billion dollars would feel like having a lot. At it stands though, all the numbers blur together so I only really know if I have enough for something when it turns orange. Oh, that being said, oftentimes I don't want to buy what the game won't stop informing me is available, but that flashing glow never goes away until you have bought whatever it is.

The only interesting flavour text is the first time you buy something, or when an investment fails. The rest of the time the screen is just taken up by slowly increasing bars and numbers. I understand that it's an idler game, but there are better ones right here on Newgrounds. I'd play the upgraded Idle Adventures version or just not play it at all.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2015
5:28 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG