Reviews for "Hero Simulator"

I thought it has an autosave feature but why it did not save mine?

So not playtested. I started firing people who relate to the lower jobs and they're still being done- but the top jobs stop being done. How can this be? Thye all STARTED the quests I expected but firing them causes some random job to stop.

Good game. A bit lacking in blingee but okay.
Other that that, the only thing I strongly disliked is lack of detailed bonus calc. Lvl III Investments grant all kinds of minor bonuses, which do count, but the only shown is multiplicators for gold, honor and time, which seem to be only affected by spirits.

Fantastic video game. New and original idle game. Tip for getting hero spirits: you have to reset the journey, that is located in the navigation table.

First I love this game, it's a great way to idle. However a few notes
1. I seem to be unable to enter the Heroic Order, which leads into the second flaw.
2. I seem unable to figure out how to get hero spirits. There is no explanation on how to get them, and no indication that they are even in the game. Some clarification would be appreciation.
3. The journey to the astral plane mission stops when I leave. Is that because there isn't a guy for it, or is it a glitch, or was it intentional. If the last option then I retract the complaint.

\\other than these few quips I find the game to be nice light casual fun.
Thank You for your hard work and giving us a nice way to kill time.