Reviews for "Hero Simulator"

Great game but the investments are such bullshit, I failed 12 with a 20% risk in a row, losing me about 7b

constantly my saved game isnt there when i come back. a whole lot of wasted time. pretty addictive though

Nice little time waster to have in the background while having other games, how long did the guy who got lvl 1,316,134,913 play for though jesus

I've been running this game for over a month. Its fun etc. The game moves away from "idle" to "invest" pretty quickly (around lvl 110). It sucks waiting around for low risk investments to pop up. Have you considered a Banking Guild where risks on investments decrease overall based on the historical amount of gold invested? Like the game, good humor and design.

pretty good, one glaring flaw though, investment risk ones don't work half the time.