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Sherlock Holmes 2

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The police are convinced Charles Williams has murdered Jimmy Johnston, but Holmes thinks otherwise. Can you help him prove Charles' innocence?

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not sure why the medal hidden on thsi sicne every other game you ahve always has a game over medal.
Not sure why we used a whole box of matches to light 1 candle.

This game was easy if you know the ins and puts of this type of game

The music is a nice touch

this game suck and it doest have not Watson I mean have they even read the books

The first Sherlock Holmes game was one of the best games from Carmel / Deathtiger0. After the good first game this second part was a disappointment.

The first game was a proper detective game. Anyone was suspect and in the end it was up for the player to deduce who was guilty. In this game the Holmes tells who is guilty in place of the player taking away half the fun, making this just a standard short and easy Carmel adventure game.
Also the plot doesn't make sense. The guilty guy has forced himself to live in a hidden compartment for his whole life or risk demonstrating that no murder ever happened. He should have killed his handmaiden or some hobo and then frame the fire alarm guy. Doing that on himself was stupid, now he cant even go to shop and leave his house. Also doing a thing like this merely because of rejected love 20 years ago is rather stupid.