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Author Comments

Hey Everyone,

this is my first game, and most of the time I still don't even know what I'm doing. Would greatly appreciate any (constructive) feedback =)

Note that, in its current state, all graphic and audio assets stem from opengameart.com or the Unity Asset Store. Eventually, I aim to have these remade to give the game the unique look and feel, as well as the (coherent) narrative I imagined for it.

Bun Runner is a game about a bunny that was abandoned in the woods. The player navigates three separate areas in order to save the bunny. Along the way, the player has to avoid predators and natural hazards.

Bun Runner was inspired by the upcoming Easter holidays of 2015. While the Easter bunny is hiding its chocolate eggs, many parents are looking for appropriate gift ideas for their children. Sometimes, the choice falls on a pet rabbit, as some believe them to be ‘entry level’ pets. Sadly, this is not the case. Bunnies are expensive and high-maintenance pets that require lots of attention and care. And so, in the aftermath of Easter, more than a few bunnies are abandoned. This game aims to bring attention to this issue.

Hope you'll enjoy my game!


EDIT: Some people are having issues, so I want to quickly give you an update on that.

Google has stopped supporting the Unity Web Player, so you might have to use a browser other than Chrome. I have also uploaded the game in the WebGL (HTML5) format, but that version is less stable.

Some players are experiencing a bug, where the menu will load, but on clicking Start the game simply remains blackscreened. I am self-taught and not sure what causes this, but I believe it is related to playing the game on a Mac computer. Macs (as opposed to Windows, or so I read) use OpenGL instead of DirectX, which causes said problem. I'm not sure that this is indeed the cause, but as soon as I know more, I'll try to fix this. Sorry to anyone who is having trouble with this.

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Gameplay is good. Leveldesign also. I would only spend some more time on the consistencyof the gfx.

FishtailGames responds:

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the main screen to play.

FishtailGames responds:

first off, thanks for leaving feedback!
Could you tell me exactly what happens when you try to play the game? What Browser / OS are you using?

5 stars for 5 star game, CHEERSS!

Difficult but fun, and I like your reason for making the game. Need to work on the timing of the movement of the screen a bit, it doesn't quite feel right. But over all a good game.

I like it- nice music, good art choice, and it can be a bit tricky. Only things I noticed were that it had some dangers that appeared with no real warning or way to escape, particularly the waterfall and jumping drop of water thing. The camera pan also seems a bit fast at times Would also be good to give a heads up that jumping on top of the stuff is a way to avoid death when all else fails. Also, there appears to be no reason for lives- if you lose them all, there's no penalty other than the "try again" screen, which allows you to continue as if you'd just lost another life. Additionally, the inclusion of a boss fight was a bit odd for this game, as it didn't really fit the message nor the experience of the rest of the game. Then, the one where you're supposed to jump down over and over while avoiding the spikes was a bit overkill. The screen's a bit too small to see everything that's going on, so you wind up blindly jumping and hoping for the best. The best way to survive is generally to run at the far right of the screen and pray that there's no spikes or beasts lurking there.

For a first game it's pretty good. Adding what you're saying you want to add would be very cool to see, looking forward to what you've got coming. Though I'm confused by what you wrote as well, since easter was two months ago.

FishtailGames responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate that.
I agree with all your points.

* I'm not 100% happy with some of the 'enemies' behaviour. I was trying to create obstacles that would prevent players from simply running towards the right edge. Instead, I wanted to create paths where players would have to run, then wait, maybe go back a bit, then run again. But I realize that, usually, a player will not invest enough time to memorize when what obstacle pops up, so that certainly isn't optimal.

* When I started working on the second cave level, I became very interested in playing with camera motion and making the game less monotone that way (something the city levels showcase in particular, I think). Particularly the downward movement bit on Cave-2 is far from optimized - its mostly a bunch of workarounds that take this bit from not challenging at all to too challenging (for example, if there were no spikes on the sides, players could simply wait and, instead of jumping across, jump to the underlying platform on the same side).

* Lives is another interesting point. For 90% of the development process, I had players restart the game when running out of lives. Eventually, I decided that the challenge wasn't as important to me the message and the entirety of the game - I wanted players to finish. One consideration that didn't make it into the game was an easy and a hard mode. I could also have players restart the current section (e.g. the first Cave or City level).

* Bosses were originally meant to be part of the 'storyline', which is very underdeveloped. I had dialogue and mini-cut scenes planned for these levels. The ending , for example, is entirely without context and doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, the bosses gave me the opportunity to work on mechanics different from the normal levels - the Spider boss, for example, is meant to be an homage to the classic Bowser.

* As for the description, I just meant to say that the idea of making this game came up around easter. That's about the time I started working on BunRunner.

Again, thank you so mcuh for your super helpful feedback!

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

May 25, 2015
2:05 PM EDT